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There are lots of individuals from different locations in the world uploading fake news on the web just to gain attention. Some people try to stop some of these news sources but there is only so much that you can do. If you have been looking for a better news source, well Facebook is working towards creating a new feature that would carry and spread legit news and information. Every day, different things occur in different parts of the world from good things and bad things. While they happen, news sources try to capture as much as they can and other individuals who witness it.

Facebook News Page - Facebook News Live | Facebook News Today
Facebook News Page – Facebook News Live | Facebook News Today

Some people who witness these scenarios try to spread out using the web, and sometimes they spread fake news instead for reasons best known to them. To keep yourself safe from Fake news, you should always go with a legit news source, or wait for the new feature Facebook is working on. This feature would give you legit news. And to do that, Facebook is working with a legit news source that is reliable and is willing to deliver the right news to Facebook users and the world.

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Today it is a news source on Facebook that aids individuals from different countries of the world legit news and stay up to date with news from a local source. Aside from giving news of occurring situations, they also provide news about some changes in government, lawmakers, and officials. Today it is really helpful and you should try to use it sometimes and you would not regret it.

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There are other incredible news sources on Facebook that own pages on Facebook. All you have to do is search for them using the search bar and you would be getting top news in no time. The page is talking about belongs the some of the best news stations today like the BBC and CNN.

You can contact them with their pages and most importantly, get the best news by liking and following them on their pages. Try not to be a spreader of Fake news; confirm the news before passing it to any other person or even uploading it on your social media.