Have you been searching for your Facebook news feed settings? In this article, I will be highlighting ways through which you can get access to your Facebook news feed settings. So, therefore, there is nothing to worry about. But do you know what this feature really is? Do you know what it is for? Well for you to understand what this is, you need to first understand what the Facebook news feed is. In the next heading, I will be explaining to us what the facebook news feed is.

Facebook News Feed Settings - How to Access It

What Is the Facebook News Feed?

The facebook news feed is a list of selected updates on your own facebook homepage. Your facebook news feed comprises of updates from facebook friends, your groups, pages and every other platform you are associated with on facebook. On the facebook news feed you also get updates for upcoming events, birthdays and advertisements. That is just what the facebook news feed is in its simplest of forms.

The facebook news feed settings on the other hand is a page on the facebook platform where you can customize and take control of your facebook news feed. That’s it about the facebook news feed settings

What to Do In the Facebook News Feed Settings Page

As the name implies, it is a settings page. it is a place where you go to set things in place that are either out of place or you just want to give it a new look. In the facebook news feed there are lots of things that can be done and they are stated below;

  1. You can easily reconnect with people and groups and people that you have previously un-followed.
  2. Also you can un-follow groups and people so as to hide their posts
  3. Prioritize whose post to see first.
  4. Here you can also manage your snooze settings.

These are the things that can be customized and done on the facebook news feed settings page. You can also find apps hidden from your news feed and reverse the action.

How to Get Access to this Page

For you to be able to access the facebook newsfeed settings page, you need to be an active user of the facebook platform. If you are not a facebook user or you do not have a facebook account you cannot get access to the facebook news fed settings page. So therefore you need to create a facebook account in order to gain access to this facebook feature. To create a facebook account, go to the official facebook sign up page at www.facebook.com/signup on your device. Once on this page follow the instructions in creating a facebook account to successfully create your own facebook account.

Once you have created your own facebook account you can proceed to access this facebook feature. on your facebook page click on the arrow icon facing downwards. On the drop down menu click on the news feed preferences. Immediately you will be taken to your facebook news feed settings. that’s all you need to do get access to this facebook feature.