Are you on facebook and you are having Facebook news feed problems? This is very common with lots of Facebook users. The thing is this. The Facebook news feed works in a specific manner. The Facebook news feed is constantly updating. But before we talk about Facebookbook news feed problems let’s talk about the Facebook news feed. Do you know what the Facebook news feed is and how it works? The Facebook news feed is the system through which Facebook users see contents that are posted on the platform. It is more like a highlight field where you get updates on upcoming events, birthdays, profile changes and other relevant updates on the Facebook platform that are related to your Facebook account.

Facebook News Feed Problems - Facebook Account

Now what is the facebook news feed problems? The facebook news feed problems are problems associated with your news feed. There is a fashion through which the facebook news feed works. But there are sometimes in some user’s account where it no longer works like that. Sometimes you r facebook news feed might come up blank. Or you keep seeing repeated posts over and over again. You keep on wondering if there is a solution to this problem. I am happy to tell you today that there is a solution to that problem.

How to Solve Your Facebook News Feed Problems

Like I earlier announced, there is a solution to every of your facebook news fee problems. if your facebook news feed isn’t working as it used to don’t worry. The best place to solve your facebook news feed problems is via your facebook news feed settings. to access your facebook news feed settings follow the steps below;

  1. on your facebook page click on the drop down menu icon
  2. Select the news feed preferences.
  3. On the next page you can now customize your news feed to your taste.

Once you are done with the news feed settings your facebook news feed will be working just fine.

But before you can gain access to this facebook feature you need to be an active facebook user. This means that if you do not have a facebook account you cannot get access to facebook news feed settings. To create a facebook account and be a registered user, go to On the facebook page click on the ‘create new account’ tab and follow the instructions that follow to successfully create your facebook account.