If you are a Facebook user then you must have heard of the Facebook Msg app. Having Facebook is not enough.  You will also need the msg app because that’s the instant messaging or texting app for Facebook. Facebook msg app is a free mobile device chatting and texting app used to send and receive instant messages.

Facebook Msg App - Facebook Chat | Facebook Messenger

You can update your msg status with a video or an image of any number for free. Friends exchange their video clips and images with others to keep in touch. You can play games with the messenger app. Msg app is a separate app to Facebook but register users set up their msg account with their Facebook User ID or they can use their mobile number. Msg app is free on the app store the device that you are using.

What Actually Is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform that allows individuals to register for an account to use the platform for free. You can communicate and connect with people from different places. Also, you can upload your images and videos on Facebook. You can buy and sell on Facebook marketplace. There are free games to be played. Join groups to meet and communicate with people that have some interest as you. Facebook is a user-friendly platform, which permits anyone to use and create an account. To be on the platform, you create a new account.

How to Get Msg App

You can get the app for free on your device app. No cash, free. Follow the steps below to download on a mobile device;

  • Launch the app store on your device.
  • Scroll through the apps displayed or you can use the search button to type in “Messenger” to find it.
  • Tap on the first result (Messenger, developed by Facebook Inc.).
  • Tap on Install and the app would begin to download.

The app will be downloaded to the device successfully if you have a good data connection. You can open the app from the same page to sign in to your account.

On your desktop, you can also use the msg by installing it on the PC. It’s simple, head on to www.messenger.com and sign in to your account to start using it.

How to Sign In to Msg App

You can sign in to your msg app after installing it on your device or through the website. Follow the simple instructions below to sign in;

  • Launch the Msg app on your device or go to www.messenger.com on your PC.
  • Fill in your Facebook account details or if you have your Facebook account on the device, the msg app will automatically collect the login details to sign you in.
  • Then tap on Sign in.

The msg account will be loaded on the device and your recent chats or conversations will be displayed.