During Connect 2021, a shocking announcement was made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg concerning the name change of Facebook. However, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Meta which will serve as a connection of Facebook apps and technology under one cloud known as Metaverse. The purpose of the name change to Meta will focus on bringing the metaverse to life which will serve as an important tool in connecting people, businesses, and communities to a bigger opportunity.

Facebook Meta - Facebook Changes Name to Meta | Metaverse Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

The introduction of the metaverse by Facebook is set to feel like a subspecies of the world’s online social media experience. The will varies in three dimensions. This will allow you to connect and share experiences with people even when physically you’re not connected together. Plus, it allows you to do things physically while you’re not in physically. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta is the next evolution of that will serve as the longest social technology in the world.

What Mark Zuckerberg has to say about the name change

According to the Founder’s letter, Mark Zuckerberg shares with the vision of the name change from Facebook to Meta. In the Founder’s Letter Mark give a short history of how Facebook started and also the update of using Facebook from just texting to video chatting which became a richer way to connect with people.

Mark also stated that Meta will be the next evolution of social technology that will even be more immersive. It will provide you with a convenient way to use the internet with a loving experience. This will why it is called metaverse. It will include all products built by Facebook. Being in the metaverse offers you a defined quality like being in a single place with someone. Click on here to get more from the Founder Letter.

Facebook Connect 2021: Our Vision for the Metaverse

During Connect 2021, the version of how the Metaverse will look was displayed. A set of interconnected digital space that will enable you to access and do things you can’t actually do in a physical world. The Metaverse will be included in a wide range of Facebook products that include:

  • Horizon Home
  • Messenger calls in VR
  • Gaming
  • Fitness
  • 2D Apps in Home
  • Interaction SDK
  • Project Cambria
  • Spark ARK updates
  • Educational investment and more.

However, this is a surprise to many of us that Mark Zuckerberg will change Facebook to Meta. The metaverse has fully take off in some of Facebook products, yet, but later on you’ll state seeing some changes and development