What is Facebook download messenger? Today’s article is all about Facebook Download Messenger. Most people will think that facebook is downloading messenger, what the article or heading is saying is not that facebook is downloading messenger. What it is trying to inform us about is that Facebook has a messenger and this messenger is known as an app, not a web version.

Facebook Download Messenger - How to Download Facebook Messenger Apps

Facebook Download Messenger

The header is all about the messenger app, do you know what the messenger app is used for. Are you aware that without the messenger app you cannot chat on facebook when using the Facebook mobile app because the messenger only works for the mobile app of facebook not the web version of it? So, I want to tell everyone of us that you are reading this article that if you are been experiencing difficulty chatting or replying messages on your account and you are using the mobile app that is made for facebook. I assure that the reason for it is that you do not have the messenger app installed on your device. After reading this article you will now know why you cannot reply or send messages on your account and you need to download the messenger app.


Let me tell little things about the facebook messenger. The messenger app is the chatting room from every facebook mobile users those that are using a mobile phone to access their account, you need the messenger for you to reply to messages or send messages. Do you also know that Facebook has two types of apps, the normal app, and the lite version? Also, the messenger has a lite and a normal one. The normal one is the one that I am telling you about but the lite version is used for the lite version of facebook. Without these apps, your chatting is not allowed.

Both apps are different, so when you saw them you can recognize them. The lite has a white color but mixed with little blue, while the normal one is blue and it is mixed with little white. Messenger lite works for low and unsteady network connection for those that are living in a rural area or living in villages. The other one is the opposite of the lite version, so know the differences between them so that when you see them you can easily recognize them.

How to Download Facebook Messenger Apps

If you want to download the messenger apps either the lite or the other one, you can download them from the same place your phone or device app store. Just go to your device app store maybe google play store or iTunes store and search for “Messenger” and you will see both the lite and the other one on the result page. Click on any one of them to download by clicking install or download after clicking on the app that you want to download.

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