Facebook Messaging – Facebook Messaging App

The common thing you find on every user on Facebook is either they are chatting or streaming the latest news or posted content by friends on Facebook. Back then the way people use to communicate or chat with friends and family was pretty dull and less appealing to say i.e. It lacks many features. But since the recent upgrade and the rollout of the Messenger App, messaging on Facebook seems to become a popular activity. On the contrary, Facebook Messaging is a way of interacting with people including friends, and family to share important messages.

Facebook Messaging - Facebook Messaging System

However, Facebook Messaging or Messaging on Facebook enables active users on the platform to instantly reach out to people you love or care about which includes friends and family as mention above. Through the use of the Messenger app, it provides more convenient and attractive ways to express your messages by either sending a photo, attachments, stickers or GIFs, play games, take pictures and also a like icon. These are the features of the Facebook Messing and note that not only can you find the Facebook Messaging on the Messenger app, but you can also chat with Facebook chat or Messenger.com on your computer.

Facebook Messaging – How to Send Someone Message on Facebook on Web

The Web happens to be the first way of communicating with people with open a pop-up tab below to communicate with the people. Very quickly, messaging on the web doesn’t only come by typing but also video calling and also a phone call with friends.

  • Click the Message icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Then Click New Message.
  • Start typing a name into the To field. Names of friends will appear in a dropdown.
  • Select the person or people you want to message.
  • Type your message, then press enter to send.

In other to make a video call with the people, when the pop-up tab appears below at the top section of the pop-up tab you can assess a camera icon and also a phone ion. Click on any of the icons and you be communicating with the people live on Facebook.

Facebook Messaging – How to Send Message using the Messenger App

Before, you decide to send instant messages to friends you first need to install the Messenger app on your devices. You can simply, go to the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store and install the app to your devices. Once have installed the device, you can just sign in your Facebook account.

Afterward, you can select the name of the people you want to see messages to or play games with. Typed the messages, or also make use of the Video or Phone calling to communicate. In addition, you can add an emojis, sticker or photos or GIFs to your messages.