Estimated number of 800 million people connects with public figures on Facebook and therefore using the platform to interact with celebrities such as athletes, musicians, actors, and other influencers. On the contrary, this is an important aspect of user’s experiences which range from cheering the champions league players to checking out news and updates from that favorite clubs or celebrities. Today, Facebook as make an improvement to make the experience and interaction better by introducing Facebook Mentions.

Facebook Mentions - Facebook Mentions App

In the meantime, the interaction between fans and the public figure is more than a billion on Facebook every week. The platform as designs a new Facebook creative labs app which is known as Facebook Mentions that enables public figures to connect and interact with their fans and also each other on the go. The feature is more of like twitter whereby you will be able to type @followed by the name of the people when updating a statue. However, you can see more of the features of Facebook Mentions and how to access it.

Facebook Mentions – Features of the Mention App for iOS devices

On the contrary, the utility of the app will be based on verified famous people by the social media network site. The Mentions app is actually an interact way aside from the Facebook app where influential people verified by the platform can keep in touch with their fans. Here are some of the feature of the Mention app:

  • It allows you to share your story whereby you can post updates, share contents like photos or videos and also host a live Q&A.
  • Also enables you to join popular conversations, follow people and see the latest post from their timeline on Facebook.
  • It gives you access to check your notification on contents you posted which is based on mentions from other media or influencers.

On the Facebook Mentions app is more secure and it acts just like the normal app. Each fan on the app has a verified profile or a blue tick on pages.

Facebook Mentions- How to Install the Mention App on iOS Devices

Just as I mention, the platform is mostly used by influencer peoples and in other to get access you need a verified badge. Also, the mentions app is actually opting into people in the US with verified pages. However, Facebook is currently planning to widen the services to more countries in the coming month with a verified page. Therefore, if you’re an admin and you have a verified page, you can visit to request for access into the platform. In addition, you can visit the app store to install the mentions app on your iOS devices.