What do you think Facebook memories are? In this world, there are different people with different mindsets? And all this kind of person has different ways of defining things, like the one we have here that says Facebook memories. People that have not used Facebook may not know what it is and also those that are into Facebook newly may not know what it is also. Because it takes a long time to experience Facebook memories. This service is more like a feature, it tells you when you register as a Facebook member and the number of friends you make at that time.

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Facebook Memories

Like I said Facebook memories helps to remind you the day; date, month, and year you created your account and also the number people made friend with and also the people you are interested in the most. And that it takes a very long time to see memories on your Facebook account, if you want to know how long it takes to experience this, it takes about a year before you can see memories of you, things that you do on your account and you can share your memories with your friends and family if you want to. The most interesting part of it is that no one can see your memories not even your friends can see it unless you shared it with them.

Facebook Memories App

The memory app that I want to talk about here is not an app that can be downloaded. Facebook does not have a memory app that can be downloaded from any app stores but the only app that Facebook has as a memory app is the Facebook mobile app. You don’t need to confuse yourself about it, these actually mean that you can also see your memories on Facebook even if you are using the Facebook mobile app on your smartphones.

So, I am telling you all know that if you go ahead in other to search for the Facebook memories app, you wouldn’t find it not talking about downloading it. But you can access your Facebook memories page to see all your memories, you just need to click on the menu icon if you are using the mobile app and scroll down and click memories. Or click the drop-down arrow if you are using the website and click settings. Below the General tab, tap on “memorialization settings” in other to edit your memory settings.

Facebook.Com Memories

The facebook.com memories are talking about the Facebook website. The memories view on facebook.com are both the same as the mobile app and the memory is displayed on your newsfeed page and also on your profile page which is your timelines. You can go there to view it anytime you want.

Memories Video Maker

You can create a memory video of yourself and with your friends and family using a memory video creator app. If you are thinking that Facebook has a memory app and now you know that there is nothing like that but now you can there is a memory video making an app that you can download to create your own memory and you can upload it on facebook. What you need to do is to access your mobile app stores and search for “memories video maker” on the search bar and search. You will be able to see different kinds of memories videos apps that you can download. Choose the one you like to download and get it installed.

How to Share Facebook Memories

Like I said before that you are allowed to share your memories with your friends on facebook and how do you think you can do it. When you see your memory post on your account, you just need to click on the three dots icons at the front and you will see share inside it or look below the memory post and you will see the “share” tab below it. Tap on it and share. But before you need to be a Facebook user before you can see memories of your account. If you do not have a facebook account you can do yourself by creating one for yourself by visiting www.facebook.com and you will see the sign-up page there.