Are you a US-based citizen or resident searching for the best means to promote, buy or sell your products or business, then I’m glad that announce that Facebook is a platform that can be used to buy and sell locally in the USA. Facebook Marketplace USA is a group on Facebook that is set up and designed by US resident for others to buy and sell their products easily on Facebook. There are lots of USA based groups on Facebook that you can join to sell or your products and buy the things you want fast, quick and easy on Facebook without having to go through much stress. To be able to join the groups you must have a Facebook account.

Facebook Marketplace USA - Facebook Buy and Sell

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking media that allows to share your photos, video clips and your favorite moments on Facebook for free with your family and friend. You can watch short and interesting video clips on Facebook for free and also download to your device to be seen later or shared with friends. You can also buy and sell locally on the Facebook marketplace app. There is a gameroom on Facebook, where you can play, invite and compete with family and friends.

Facebook Account

To be able to use the Facebook marketplace USA groups, you would firstly have an active Facebook account. You can easily create an account if you don’t have. Follow the instructions below;

  • Go to Facebook official website at or launch the Facebook mobile app downloaded on your device.
  • On the sign up form, enter your Surname, your first name, your mobile number or email address, type in a new password for the account.
  • Choose your date of birth and then indicate your gender (male or female).
  • Hit on “Sign up” once you’re through with filling the form.

Your new Facebook account has been created successfully and a confirmation mail or text will be sent to your device. Verify the account by tapping on the link on the mail sent or type in the code on the text field on your Facebook page.

How to Join USA Marketplace Group

Joining a Facebook group is fast and easy. Follow the guidelines below;

  • Sign in to your Facebook profile.
  • Navigate and click on “Groups”. On the next page, tap on “Discover groups”.
  • On the discover page, a list of groups will be displayed to you to select the group you want.
  • Once you the group, click on it. Some groups have questions, answer the questions and tap on “Confirm” to send your request to the admin of the group.

Once the admin of the group approves, you will be notified.

Or you can join by;

  • Search for the USA marketplace group you want by typing in the group name on the search box at the top of your Facebook page.
  • Once you find the group, tap on join (answer the questions if there is any).

How to Use the Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is always displayed on your Facebook page for you to use. Follow the guidelines below to use;

  • Log in to Facebook and then click on the “Shop” icon.
  • Upload an image of product you’d like to sell (It is free).
  • Add the title of the item under “What are you selling?”
  • Include your product description below “Describe your item”.
  • Add the item price and then add the location and category of the item, then click on “Post”.

Your product will be made visible once the admins approve of the products to reach out to the interested buyers.