Facebook Marketplace How To Sell Online – Marketplace Buy and Sell Online | Facebook Marketplace

What is Marketplace Buy and Sell Online? Are you looking for an online platform to set up a storefront and sell your products? Well, I have the right platform for you and you are going to love it. The name of this platform is the Facebook social media platform. Are you surprised? You might be wondering now, how can the Marketplace Buy and Sell Online be used as an online storefront or a marketplace? This is very much possible. The Facebook platform is a wide one in the sense that you can do just anything you want to do on the platform.

Facebook Marketplace How To Sell Online - Marketplace Buy and Sell Online | Facebook Marketplace

The platform can be used as a business platform, it can be used as a gaming platform, it can also be used as a dating platform and so much more. That’s just how versatile the platform is. On the Facebook platform, there are tools that can be used to push your product sales. And some of these tools are the Facebook buy and sell groups, the Facebook store, and the facebook marketplace. On this article though, I will be focusing on the Facebook marketplace.

What Is The Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace is one of the various facebook tools. This is not the first tool created by Facebook that users can use to buy and sell, but it is indeed one of the best of these tools. With this tool, facebook users can easily buy and sell. This means that Facebook users can use this tool to sell their products on the Facebook platform. And Facebook users can also use the platform to easily buy products.

But here is something you need about this platform. The Facebook marketplace is available to all Facebook users. But this particular tool is not yet available to all Facebook users as of this writing. The feature is available to users in some parts of Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. South Africa is the only African country with access to this Facebook feature.

How to Get Access to the Facebook Marketplace Platform

You need to be a Facebook user in order to get access to this tool. If you do not have a facebook account you cannot make use of the facebook marketplace feature. You, therefore, need to create your own account on the Facebook platform today. To create a Facebook account is easy. All you need to do is to go to the official facebook sign up page at www.facebook.com/signup. On this page, do well to follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

After creating your facebook account you can now get access to the facebook marketplace. If you already have an account on the platform you can also get access to this tool. To get access to this tool on Facebook, log into your Facebook account. On your facebook account page, you will find the marketplace icon on the left-hand corner of the page. Once you have seen this icon click on it. Immediately you will be taken to the marketplace page on facebook.

How to Buy and Sell on the Facebook Marketplace

If you do not know how to buy on the Facebook marketplace, follow the steps below;

  • On your facebook page click or tap on the marketplace icon.
  • On the marketplace, page select the item you want to buy.
  • Click or tap on message to send a custom message to the seller of the item. You can also choose the “ask for details” option to send a message asking for product availability.

That’s all on buying on the Facebook marketplace. To sell on the platform follow the steps below;

  • Tap or click on the marketplace icon on your Facebook account page.
  • Click or tap on the sell something tab.
  • Then select the item for sale.
  • Edit your product or listing details like price, location, description, and others.
  • Upload a photo of your product on the marketplace platform.
  • Lastly, click or tap on the post.

Follow the steps above and you will be having no problems with selling on the Facebook marketplace. Good luck!