As we all know Facebook as one of the most popular social network platforms. That has billions of registered users. The majority of these users still don’t know what Facebook log in is or where they can fine the facebook log in page.

Facebook Log Into Account - Facebook Log in | Facebook Log in Sign

Facebook log in is a process by whereby user has to enter his account information in other to access his account. Just like every other social or website that requires user account. The user has to enter his or her log in details in other to be able to access his account.

The Ideal Behind Facebook log in

This is a way of securing a user account from other users. Without proper security like the facebook log in process. Any user can access a user account and post comments, update a user’s status and send a message using your account. or even change your identity such as your profile and every other thing that has to do with your account.

In other to stop other user from gaining access to other users account. They have to be a security process whereby only authorized users can access a user account. But it is strongly advisable never to relies your login information to anyone.

Who are these authorized users? This are user that has your login information such as Email or Phone number and password. Anyone who enters a user’s email and password in facebook log in section we automatically gain full access to the users account.

How to Secure Your Facebook Log in Information

Here are 8 security tips to keep your Facebook account safe from other users. Because your facebook log in details is all you need to access your account.

  1. Don’t enter your Facebook log in password on any website online.
  2. Facebook we never ask you to send your password via mail or text message.
  3. It is recommended that you use symbols and number as part of your password to make it very difficult to guess.
  4. Make sure your email account is safe and secure because password rest is always done using email address.
  5. Don’t forget to always log out your facebook account when you make use of a PC or device you share with other people.
  6. Install anti-virus software on your computer and always scan for malware programs on your PC.
  7. Don’t give or tell any user your Facebook log in information.

Facebook Log in Tips Using a Web Browser

In other to access your account you need to access the login page. This is very easy and simple ether via mobile device or PC. Here are some basic tips to get stared.

  1. Launch any web browser either on a mobile device or PC. Enter the web address in the address bar as and hit the enter key.
  2. At the top right corner where you get to see facebook log in box. Enter your login information such as Email or mobile number and password.
  3. After you have correctly entered your login details click on the login icon.

Facebook Log in Tips via Mobile App

Statistics has shown that the highest numbers of users on the internet are mobile users. Mobile devices are easily access able than PC. In terms of mobility and it’s very handy.

Almost every one that uses the internet has a mobile phone. One good thing about facebook mobile app is that user can get quick notification on his or her device. But first you need to login follow the below tips to login.

  1. If you don’t have the facebook app installed on your mobile device you can download it for free on your mobile store.
  2. Launch the app if you have already downloaded it on your device.
  3. The first page is the login page where you need to enter your email and password.

Now you can access your account using your mobile device.