What are the basic steps required to log in to my Facebook account? To gain access to your Facebook account some steps are required for you to follow which I will be taking you through. Firstly, Facebook.com is a social media where you can connect with friends, family, and loved one but before you can be able to connect some procedures will be taking into consideration.

Facebook Log In Sign In - My Facebook Account Login

For you to login on your Facebook home page to sign in your Facebook account. The necessary fields on the page request for your email address or phone number and your Facebook password. Also, you can stay permanently logged in to share photos, videos, events, connect and even sell right out of your Facebook page with your friends and family.

 How to Log in Facebook Account

You can login into your Facebook account via Facebook mobile app or through the Facebook web. Therefore Facebook requires the need for an internet connection and also an operating device like the one you’re using to sign in or login your account.

  • Launch the application on your phone …. Facebook.com
  • Then click E-mail or phone, enter one of the following…. i.e. if you have a valid email address or a valid phone you can use it to log in
  • Then move to enter password. Then input your password
  • Click on login

That’s how to gain access to your Facebook account on the PC or Laptop through the use of the Facebook official website. The instruction giving to you above allows you to successfully sign in to your account with any issue of Facebook login problem.

Step on How to Access Facebook Account Mobile App

For you to access your Facebook account on the mobile app:

  • Firstly search for the latest version on (App Store, Google play store)
  • Click the download button to download
  • After downloading click to install the mobile app
  • After installing open the app
  • Sign in with your email or phone number

After following all the procedure you can now have full access to enjoy your Facebook on your mobile app whereby you can chat with friends and family, upload pictures, videos, and other documents on your Facebook mobile app.

How to reset my Facebook Account

How can I reset my Facebook password?  What are the steps taken to reset my Facebook password? For you to change your password on Facebook if you are already logged in:

  • Go to the setting
  • Click Security and login
  • Then click edit which is next to change password
  • Enter your current password
  • Then enter a new password which you want to use
  • Re-enter the new password
  • Click save changes.

Following the above steps will allow you to reset your password with ease; also don’t forget to use a simpler password that you can remember easily.