Wondering what Facebook like push notifications are all about?  Facebook like push notifications are notifications that are sent to you when something on Facebook happens regarding your account on the platform. This is a feature on Facebook that always gets users notified when someone likes, comments, or tags them on a post on Facebook. But you see at times notifications can be so annoying when you keep getting them each second. For this reason, most users want to turn off their like notification and also other notifications.

Facebook like Push Notifications - Turn On|Off Notifications

Well, the basic truth is that you cannot turn off your like, comments and tags notification, but you can turn off other notifications on Facebook. So I will be telling you how you can access your notification settings and turn off your notifications. I have done a lot of research and have known how to turn off notifications on Facebook. So if you want to know also then keep on reading this article. But I will like to inform you that when you want to do anything on Facebook you must log in. If you can’t log in properly then you cannot turn off your notifications. Now I will be showing guidelines that will direct how you can log in to your Facebook account.

How to log in On Facebook

If you want to login on Facebook and maybe you find it difficult or don’t know how to. Then read the steps that are stated below;

  • Open the Facebook app or site.
  • Then enter or type in your email or phone number.
  • Also then your password.
  • Once done, click sign in or log in.

Then you will get access to your Facebook account.

How to Turn Off Your Facebook Notifications

Here are the steps below for you to turn off your notifications;

For computer follow these steps;

  • Just sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Then click the down arrow icon at the top of your screen.
  • After that select settings.
  • A new page will display, click Notifications.
  • Now you will see four options on a new page.
  • If you want to turn off notifications messages on your mobile.
  • Simply click the edit button beside it and then turn it off.
  • If you want to also stop text messages of Facebook sent to you.
  • Click the edit beside text message and then turn it off.
  • For your email address too, if you don’t want to receive notifications then edit and turn it off.

This is how you can turn off notifications on computer.

For android follow these steps;

  • Just log in on your Facebook app.
  • Then click the three lines icon at the top of the screen.
  • After that select “notifications settings”.
  • Options will appear, click activity about you.
  • Then turn off push notifications and also SMS notifications.
  • If you want to stop receiving notification in your email, then also turn off email.
  • But easier process once you have clicked “notifications settings” just scroll down and then select push option.
  • Then turn on your “do not disturb” button.

This is how to turn off notifications on android.