Facebook kids game is a platform where you can play online or share the gaming experience with friends on Facebook. Most parents do buy phones for their kids to relieve them from stress. There are lots of games specifically meant for kids. And most kids games includes, know it all trivia. This is a game played by kids on Facebook to test their knowledge and their brains. Words challenge is also a game to test their abilities and so much more.

Facebook Kids Game - Where to Find Games on Facebook

This platform helps the kids in so many ways, some parents don’t want their kids to go into the internet because they think they are going to look for other things on the internet but I tell you it’s not all kids that do that. Most kids do love playing games mostly on facebook and this help them a lot to boost their knowledge fast too.

Most users do not know how to play facebook games and some do not know where to see the games, but am going to tell you where to see the games and how to play them too.

Where Can I Find Facebook Game

If you to know where and how to see and play facebook game, all you need to do is to follow the instructions below.

  • Scroll down on your facebook homepage
  • You are going to see more at the bottom and click it
  • After that click on games
  • You can also search on the game or app that you wanted  and you do not see it there just click on the search box
  • Type in the name of the name of the game or app you need
  • After that once you have seen the game or app click on play now to play that game on facebook.

That’s all you need to do above. Just follow the steps above carefully.

How to Add a New Game to Facebook – Facebook Kids Game

Creating a new facebook game is great but after creating it, people find it difficult to add it to facebook and if you have created a facebook game with the help of facebook developer section and it requires your host website to make it work with facebook. These steps are shown below

  • At first you should sign in into your facebook by using it developer site
  • Look for the facebook developer application, click on https://developers.facebook.com/apps and at top corner it will show registers a developer
  • Register yourself as a new developer, by filling the 3 sections
  • Open your application control panel in the developer profile which, open the options to set up a new application
  • Fill in all the forms with your new game information
  • You will be redirected to the information page on your game
  • Click on download SDK to continue
  • Click the apply for an application button, do this in order to be among facebook application
  • Write down the key and secret values to set up code
  • Open the Facebook resource page which is located at https://developers.facebook.com/preferredmarketingdevelopers/resources/.
  • Download PHP { 4 and 5 } from the option resource center
  • Click on the directory in the callback URL
  • Uncompressed PHP 4 and 5
  • Make an index in your PHP file callback URL
  • After that go to your facebook profile to try your new game.

The steps above are somewhat technical. But if you follow the steps above you will find it easy. But if you are still finding it difficult you can access the facebook help platform for assistance and guidance.

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