Have you ever heard of the Facebook kids? You haven’t heard of that, right? Well, you may have not come across Facebook kids, or heard of it, but you would be so surprised to know that millions have already started using it. Isn’t that amazing! You may be having a thought now, what is Facebook kids all about? It’s simple! Facebook kids is officially known as Facebook messenger kids. It is a free messaging and calling app that has been made for kids aged 6 to 12 years.

Facebook Kids - Facebook Messenger Kids App

Kids can use this Facebook messenger kids’ app to get connected to their close friends, their loved ones and family, via their smart devices. Kids can only chat with contacts and friends that are approved by their parents, and by this, this messenger kid is known to be the safest chat platform for every kid that is aged from 6 to 12.

Key Features

There are so many key features and benefits, that have been attached to the Facebook kids app. these features, ranging from fun to entertainment, from safety to security and so much more! So, if you want to get started on this platform, then you should get to know the features involved in this app. trust me, you will definitely love it!

With Facebook Kids;

Parents Always Have Full Control

  • Parents are given the chance to choose the friends and contacts that their kids get connected to.
  • Parents can delete any friends from the kid’s friend list anytime.
  • Parents can monitor the messages of their kids, as these messages are not hidden.
  • Parents can turn on the sleep mode feature in order to decide when the kid can use the app and when they cannot.

These Kids Are Safe

  • This Facebook messenger kids does not expose kids to the main Facebook platform.
  • Kids can delete and block any contact they do not want.
  • Parents can use their Facebook account to create a messenger kids account.

Kids Have So Much Fun

  • There are fun effects, emojis, stickers, and GIFs.
  • Groups video calls to help kids connect with their friends and family face to face on their mobile device.
  • There is a camera filled with fun, decorations, and effects.

It Works Together with Messenger

  • Parent and other contacts and friends can get connected to these kids using the main messenger app too.
  • It is supported on smart mobile phones and tablet devices.
  • There is no phone number needed for the application. You only need your mobile data and internet connection.

How to Download

And like I said earlier, this is an app, and it is referred to as Facebook messenger kids. So, if you would want to get this app, you need to get to your play store on your device. it is just as simple as that. No much stress.

  • On your smart mobile device, open your play store.
  • On your play store, search for Facebook messenger kids.
  • Click on the app and tap INSTALL or GET.
  • Allow the download/installation process to begin.
  • Is the download process done? Open the app and create an account for your child.