Wow! Do you know that the Facebook company has now launched the facebook kids app? Yes, that is true; Facebook has just recently launched a separate app and platform for kids. Now kids under the ages of 13 don’t have to miss out on all the fun going on in facebook. Before this app was launched access to the Facebook platform was only restricted to people of the ages of 13 and above, strictly for teens and adults.

Facebook Kids App - Facebook for Kids

But with this new development kids can now have lots of fun on facebook. They are no longer restricted. Kids all over the world on hearing of the new development have shown their excitement and therefore can’t wait to engage on facebook just like everyone else.

What Is the Facebook Kids App?

The facebook kid’s app is a Facebook platform that is meant special y for kids that are deemed too young to engage in on Facebook. It is a messaging and video calling app for kids to connect mainly with family and friends. On this very app kids can only connect with contacts approved by their parents making the app very safe for kids.

Features of the Facebook Kids App

The facebook kid’s app is developed strictly for kids under the ages of 13. although it is meant for kids, the parents are the persons in real control over the app and the activities done on the app. another fine feature of this app is that messages by kids with their contacts can’t be deleted or hidden just in case their parents wants to check in on what their kids are up to.

This means that the app is very much safe for kids to use. With this app kids can make video calls with cool and interesting stickers, masks, background sound effects and reactions. Kids can also chat and make video call calls with adult approved contacts. Parents and adults don’t need to download additional app in other to connect with kids. Adults can connect through to kids with their existing facebook messenger app. there is no need for a phone number as messenger kids makes use of Wi-Fi in connecting.

How to Get Started With the Facebook Kids App

You can get your child or ward set up with facebook for kids in four simple steps. Firstly you need to download the app. secondly you will have to authorize your child’s device using your facebook login details. Next you will now have to create an account for your child by adding their names to the app. and lastly you will have to set up the parental controls on the app. once all these steps are done your child can now access facebook in a safer way.

To download the app is easy. This very app is available on the Google play store, the apple app store and also on the amazon app store. Once you have successfully downloaded the app you can now start setting it up by logging in with your facebook login details as a parent or a guardian. And after that adding the child’s name. Immediately this is done the account will be authenticated.

furthermore to add contacts to your child’s account, you can do this through your facebook account or via the facebook messenger kids app.