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Home REVIEWS Facebook Jobs Posting – How to Post Jobs on Facebook

Facebook Jobs Posting – How to Post Jobs on Facebook

by admin

What is facebook jobs posting? If you do not know about this Facebook feature, I won’t be surprised. Of all the 1.9 billion persons that are active on facebook daily not all of them know that you can actually find jobs on Facebook. As a company, you can even post jobs vacancies on facebook. This is easy, but only if you know how. In this article, you will know how to post jobs openings on Facebook. All you need to do is follow me keenly on this content.

Facebook Jobs Posting - How to Post Jobs on Facebook

Why It Is Important To Post Jobs on Facebook

Digital marketing is now the best way to advertise brands and products to the world. And of the means of digitally advertising your brand social media is the best format. Social media marketing is the newest of all the formats of advertising digitally but it is the most efficient of them all. Facebook is a social media platform that is used by any person making use of the internet. This is a place to find potential employees. Getting a job on ground is a difficult task on its own, and most of these persons may log in to facebook at any time of the day. During this process they can get to see you r job listings on the platform.

What You Need To Post Jobs on Facebook

As a company who wants to post job listings on facebook, this is easy. But you need the technical know-how to perform this task. If you do not know, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to be able to post jobs on facebook is that your company, business or brand needs a presence on the platform. By this I mean your company has to have a page or a business account on the platform. That’s all you need to post jobs listings on facebook. If your company or brand does not have a presence like a facebook page on the platform, you need to create a page for your business now. To create a business page, go to to create a business page.

How to Post Jobs Listings on Facebook

After you are done creating a presence for your business online you can now proceed to posting jobs and vacancies on your page. To do this, follow the steps below;

  1. On your facebook company page under the write something option, click on publish a job post.
  2. You will have to add information to your facebook job posting.
  3. Add photo to your post.
  4. After reviewing your post click on publish job post.

Once you are done with this immediately your job post will be posted on your company’s page. You should also consider boosting your job post so as to make it go live on facebook.

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