Facebook IP – Facebook IP Address

Since the development of the internet, the website has been a major practice of offline technical bullying. What usually takes part in the school premises, playgrounds as now taking place online on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others. On the contrary, Facebook as the most important social networking site is a major target for cyberbullies due to the fact that people can create a Fake account. However, the Facebook IP (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device users use to connect to Facebook that makes use of the internet protocol for communication.

Facebook IP - Facebook IP Address

Moreover, the Facebook IP address plays an important role for Facebook users which allows you to know what location you’re chatting from and also makes use of the advantage to verify the location of the people you’re chatting with. For instance, for someone with a fake identity who denial is the location he/she is chatting from, with the use of the user Facebook IP and other third-party, you can be able to verify the location.

Facebook IP (IP address)- How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Facebook

Most people will say it isn’t possible to find another Facebook user IP address which is true. But there is another method you can be able to get the IP address is through the Messenger app if they are chatting with you and the command prompt tool (windows users) or the utility tool (for Mac users) with the use of netstat function, there you can easily trace the location or the IP address on the social media platform. To attempts to find the IP address of a user’s you’re chatting with:

  • Ensure that you close all the tab you open which include the internet explorer so as to minimize the quantity of active connection.
  • Then access the windows machine by pressing the windows key
  • Type “cmd” on the search icon and press enter in other to open a command window
  • Once the command window opens in the cmd window you can type “netstat -an > c:\newNetStatList.txt” and click enter.

Note that depending on the active connection with the end user, the IP address will then appear after a short period of time. Once you have obtained the IP address you can then decide to report it to Facebook if you feel unsafe around such users or requires a ban

Facebook IP (IP address) – How to Trace Someone’s IP Address on Facebook

In case you want to track the IP address of the users to know if the people is a scam or not. In other to access that, you need to make use of IP tracer service. You can get to the address www.ip-adress.com/ipaddresstolocation/, paste the IP address in the box written “lookup this ip or website and it will then display the geographical location of the user.