Have you heard of Facebook Instagram? You may begin to ask, could there be any such thing? Well, you must have heard of Facebook, and you must have also heard of Instagram. Well, these two are connected but you should know that they are on different platform, however, they are both social media sites. Now, the question is, what is Facebook Instagram? Then you just have to stay on the line as I move and break down every detail that you just need to get at the moment.

Facebook Instagram - Link Instagram To Facebook

What Is Facebook Instagram All About?

Incase you do not know, Facebook is the owner of instagram. Facebook is a large social media platform that is visited by billions of users, and instagram is also a large social media platform that has got billions of users on its platform. but the question right now is, what is Facebook instagram? Facebook instagram just has to do with linking your instagram account to your Facebook page.

That is just how it works. Facebook and instagram are different platforms, but trust me, they can be connected. Sharing information on the Facebook platform actually helps Facebook get you connected with other people in order to build better days for the community on instagram.  

for instance, if you should forget or misplace your instagram login details, you can make use of your Facebook account to recover your instagram account details. And not just that, there are so many others attached when you get started. So, now you get the connection between this two. And this is why they are tagged as the Facebook instagram. It is just so easy to understand.

Steps to Open a Facebook Account

You really want to link your instagram account to your Facebook account, right? But there is no way you can link your existing instagram account to Facebook, if you do not have an account. However, you do not have to worry, as you can quickly get your Facebook account. to open a Facebook account;

  • Visit www.facebook.com.
  • You will get to the application page. Your will be prompted to enter your name.
  • Number or email address.
  • Password for the account.
  • Gender and birthday.
  • Sign Up.

Steps on How to Log In To Facebook

The login process gets you into your account whenever and wherever. To log in to your Facebook account;

  • Visit www.facebook.com.
  • You will get to the login page. You will be prompted to enter your number or email.
  • Password for the account.
  • Log In.

How to Link Instagram To Facebook

The reason why it is tagged as Facebook Instagram is because these two sites can be linked to each other. You can connect your existing Instagram account to your Facebook profile. You may not know about it, but it would be so surprising to know that millions are already into the its feature.

Do you want to be part of the millions that engage in Facebook instagram? Then you can also link your instagram account to your Facebook account. it’s easy!

  • Log in to your instagram account on www.instagram.com.
  • On your instagram account page, access your account profile.
  • In your profile, click on the three horizontal lines, Menu.
  • In the menu, click Settings.
  • In the next section given to you, click Account and select Linked Accounts.
  • Choose Facebook and provide your Facebook account details.

And that is just how to link these accounts together. Now you know what Facebook instagram is all about and how it works. You can get started right away!