Do you know of the facebook insights tool? If you don’t know of this magnificent tool is probably because you haven’t made use of it. It is a feature of facebook just in case you are wondering as to what it is. But is that what it really is? Trust me, it is, more than just a Facebook feature.

Facebook Insights Tool - How to Access This Feature

It embodies and represents a whole lot more. This feature is for those facebook users making use of the platform for professional reasons. Most people making use of facebook professionally knows of this, but not all know about it. And the thing here is that those people that knows about it and also make use of it thrive more on facebook and outside facebook than those who doesn’t know about it.

The facebook insights tool is tool or feature that is basically meant for facebook marketers. It makes and helps them learn more about their target audiences on facebook. This tool helps marketer learn and know how to communicate well and better with their customers, clients and fans on facebook. You get vital information about purchase behavior, geography, demographics and lots more about your audience. Come to think of it, the more useable and vital knowledge you have regarding your clients and customers on facebook the better equipped you are to deliver to them that it is they really want. That’s what this facebook tool is all about.

How to Access the Facebook Insights Tools

If you are still thinking of reasons why you should use the facebook insights tool before you should access and make use of it, here are some. You can easily get your target audience on Facebook with this very tool. You can also set your seed audience. This very part deals with demographics like age and gender and geography of your audience. I am going to be stopping here.

Although there are other reasons as to why you should use this platform. If you have had your mind made up here is how to access the facebook insights tool. Firstly open your facebook page. On your facebook page you will find the insights tab on the top of the page. You will have to click on it to access it. That’s all on how to access this facebook tool. You do not need to create a separate facebook account for this very one.