Have you ever heard of Facebook Download Your Information? There are most people out there who do not still have an idea of what this is all about. You do not have to worry, as we have got you on this one. Facebook Download Your Information simply refers to downloading all the information and data that Facebook has stored about you. Are you surprised about this? Of course! Facebook has all your information, ranging from your photos, messages, posts, comments and all your activities within the social media platform. Let’s move on, as we see how this works.

Facebook Information - How to Download Facebook Data

Facebook Download Your Information

If you are a Facebook user, it is possible for you to download and store all your information and activities on Facebook. There may be so many reasons you would want to download and store all these data. Perhaps, you just want to store and keep them in your device. You may also want to deactivate your account. Perhaps, you just want to take a break from Facebook. Whatever your reasons may be, I want you to know that you can recover all your Facebook data and keep them to yourself.

How do you engage in Facebook Download Your Information through your Facebook account?  Your account needs to be open and active, in order for you to get the data in that account. With some steps, you can get all your data on Facebook. It is possible to do this using your mobile phone computer device.

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How to Download Facebook Data on Mobile

Facebook Download Your Information is possible through your smart mobile phone and also on your laptop device. If you want to download and store all the information Facebook stores about you, it is absolutely easy. You just have to carefully follow the steps listed below. From here, you can be able to get the data of all activities you have engaged in within the Facebook site.

  • Go to the main Facebook app on your mobile phone.
  • In the app, go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to click on Access Your Information.
  • On the page, you will find a blue link telling you to Download Your Information if you would like a copy.
  • Click on the link, as you select the information you want to download.
  • Scroll down and click on CREATE FILE.

Following these steps, you can download your data on your mobile phone. Let’s see how you can get your information into your laptop device.

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How to Download Facebook Information on PC

Do you want to engage in Facebook Download Your Information using your PC? Follow the steps listed below!

  • Visit the Facebook website on www.facebook.com.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • On your homepage, tap on the triangle icon at the top of the homepage.
  • Click on Settings in the drop-down menu.
  • From the options on the left side of the page, tap on Your Facebook Information.
  • Now you will find Download Your Information, click on the View button.
  • Select the information you want to download and Create File.

These are steps that must be followed to download Facebook information on PC.