The homepage or home of every social media platform showcases the figure and the objective of the platform. Each social media platform on the internet decorates its own homepage in other to attract the attention of users. Also, serve as the first page when you enter the website which gives users access to login and signs up on the platform. On the contrary, Facebook home is actually a homepage where more than 2.3 billion active users connect with friends, families, and other activities.

Facebook Home - Facebook Homepage Page

In the meantime, Facebook home is the most widely used social networking site whereby it actually the first web address which connects you with old friends, discover new things and interact with new people. However, Facebook home houses more than 2.2 billion users with the aim of connecting people and facilitating communication with each other. Whereby you can either sign in or create an account on the Facebook home or homepage which is the main activities that you can discover. Here are how to access the Facebook homepage.

How to Access the Facebook Homepage Sign up & Login

On the contrary, when you access the Facebook home through the official website it provides two main activities which are either to create an account (Sign Up) or login your account. It very simple to access the Facebook home, all you need is an internet connection and the following steps:

  • Go to on your web address using internet connected devices
  • Once you have accessed the first step, then you will be redirected to the Facebook home.
  • Hence, you create sign up by entering the following details on the screen.
  • Also, you can log in with your email address or phone number and password.

In addition, on the Facebook home, you can also see some other features like Create a Page, Marketplace, Groups, Find Friends, and more. This is the service offered when you have accessed through the homepage on Facebook.

Facebook Home – Can’t Access the Facebook Homepage on Web

Aside from the meaning of the homepage and the activities, the homepage can also be a problem when it comes to accessing the platform i.e. the Facebook home. In case you have any problems in loading the Facebook homepage, you can use of the following tips.

  • First of all delete all browsing data such as cache, cookies, and histories from the web browser settings.
  • Ensure that your time and date are correct and if not, you can change it from the device settings.
  • Another thing that can stop you from loading the homepage is if you’re using an of browser. Therefore, you can make sure that your browser is updated.

Plus, you can also make use of other tips which includes restarting your devices, check your router or try restarting the router, and above all, check the proxy settings. This following will definitely help you in accessing the Facebook home.