Are you looking for a way to engage with Facebook help center live chat?  Or are you just looking for a way to contact Facebook? There are many ways to this, I mean to contact facebook. But there are some that are more effective to others. But before anything on how to contact facebook help center, do you know what the facebook help center is. Or do you know why people make use of the Facebook help center?

Contacting Facebook has always been a real struggle for some time now. In fact at first, it’s almost impossible to contact facebook. There was some time in the past when I was looking for a way to contact the facebook customer care service, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I found some facebook customer care number online. Well at first it was effective. By being effective I mean it went through. But here’s a dirty fact about the facebook customer care desk. The facebook customer care desk will never pick up your call. This has got me to be thinking of other effective ways to contact these people.

Facebook Help Center Live Chat - How to contact Facebook

Does Facebook Have a Help Center Live Chat

During my time on facebook I have never come across a facebook help center live chat. I have done extensive research on the topic, but I always end up coming up short. The truth is that there is no facebook help center live chat.  ‘Live chat’ in the sense that chatting with a facebook representative live. I don’t think so. Rather they have the facebook help center where your complaints and questions can be addressed.

The Facebook Help Center

Do you know what the facebook help center is? The facebook help center is the customer care desk of the facebook platform. Here on this platform, any question or complaint you have concerning the facebook platform itself can be visited and addressed. On this platform Facebook has come up with questions and complaints regarding the platform and has provided adequate answers and guide to help you. You can also make use of the search box to ask facebook related questions and complaints just in case you do not find what you are looking for in the help center platform.

How to Access the Facebook Help Center

To access the facebook help center you need to have a facebook account. if you do not have a facebook account you cannot access this facebook feature. So therefore if you do not have a facebook account endeavor to create one today. to create a facebook account go to to create your own facebook account. Once your account have been created go to to access the facebook help center