Facebook groups enable people to share easily with one another. Instead of sharing separately with each friend. This is more like a group of people sharing ideas with one another. Facebook group can be used to foster a bond between groups of friends.

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Facebook users, can either join an existing Facebook group or create one. Both steps for joining or creating a new group will be thoroughly outlined in this article, later on, to enable you to join or create a group. As a user who has an account on Facebook you can always join any Facebook groups of your choice now depends if your request is accepted.

Benefits of Facebook Groups

There are lots of benefits up for users as a group is not just made up by one person. There are Facebook groups with over a million users on it.

  • Members can be notified of upcoming events
  • Future meetings and events can be planned
  • Posts and photos can be shared with other group members.

This is just one good way of connecting people of like mind together. As you can share your ideas and also see others and get notified as well. There is just so many activities on Facebook groups as users get updates from other users.

Types of Facebook Groups

Facebook has made it possible that users can create setting security level for their group. This is to prevent unauthorized users access to the group. There are three types of groups on Facebook. They as follows;

  • Open Group: In the open Facebook group, anyone, can view the group, it’s members, and their posts
  • Closed Group: In the closed Facebook group, anyone can view the group, and it’s members, but only members, can see the group’s posts
  • Secret Group: With the secret group, only members can see the group or any of it’s information. People, who are not members, won’t know the group exists.

How to Join Facebook Groups

You can be invited by your friends to join an existing group, at any time. Or you can also request to join an existing group.To get started;

  • From the homepage, search for and choose the “Groups Section”
  • As the group’s page pops up, choose “Discover”, to browse suggested groups. Check what group, your friends belong to, and simply tap “Join”, to join an existing group

Note, when you join an existing group, that information, gets posted to your timeline as well as your friend’s Newsfeeds.

Before you decide to join a group, consider first, if you feel comfortable sharing this with all of your friends on Facebook. If no, then you can create your own secret group, so that your information is only divulged to those you deem fit.

How to Create a Facebook Group

Any user who has a facebook account can create Facebook groups if he or she wants more than one. Below are the steps in creating a group.

  • Scroll to the Groups page, then choose “Create Group”
  • A dialog box pops up. Enter a name for your group, then fill in the names of your friends you wish to add to the group; suggested friends, will also pop up, as you type. You can then click a suggestion to add that friend if you wish
  • Select a “Privacy Setting” for your group. The privacy options are Open, Closed, and Secret.
  • Tap “Create”.
  • Lastly, select an icon for the group, and thereafter, tap “OK”. This step can also be skipped, if you prefer
  • Your group will be created.

You can now enjoy your group, by sharing and posting on the group wall to chat and exchange ideas, with everyone in the group. As creating a group is free and open to all users. You can also invite users to join your group.