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What do you know about facebook group? Even if you know something about them, I bet you don’t know everything about them and by everything I mean a whole lot. In this article, I will be telling on the facebook group and how to eventually create your own facebook group. Your Facebook group, wouldn’t that be lovely. Now many people often mistake facebook groups with Facebook pages. These two are actually different.

Facebook Group - How to Join a Facebook Group

A facebook group is a place for people with common interest and goals to share their experiences and opinions. It is a place for group communication since that facebook platform is mainly meant for communication. The people in facebook groups are driven by a common cause. Here on facebook groups, photos and other contents are shared, deliberated on and so much more.

The facebook group is one of the most important features of facebook. This is one of the few features on facebook can be both be used for both professional and private use. It can be used by businesses and firms to collaborate more with their clients and customers on facebook. It can also be used for socializing. A group of friends or an extended family can decide to create a group to easily share and connect.

How to Create a Facebook Group

To create one is easy only if you know how to. If you do not know how to create a facebook group, follow the steps below to do so;

Desktop PC

  1. Click on the arrow facing downwards on your facebook page.
  2. From the drop-down menu click on ‘create group’.
  3. You will have to enter the necessary pieces of information about your group like your group name, group members. You also have to affix a display and a cover photo for your new group.
  4. Also, you have to choose the privacy settings for your new facebook group. This can either be a closed group or a public group.
  5. When you are done with all these, click on create.

Android Devices;

  1. On your facebook app tap on the three horizontal line icon on the top right side of your facebook page.
  2. Select groups.
  3. Tap on the add icon located in the top right corner of your facebook page.
  4. Next you have to set your facebook group by entering your group name, add group members and select privacy settings of your page.
  5. Lastly when you are done with everything click on create.

You will also have to personalize the group by adding a display and a cover photo to your group.

iOS Devices;

  1. On your facebook app click on the three horizontal line icon.
  2. Tap on groups.
  3. On the next page tap on the add icon. This icon is looking like the addition sign.
  4. Enter your group name, add group members, set your display and cover photos.
  5. Lastly choose your privacy settings.

That’s all you need to create your own Facebook group.

How to Join

To join, follow the steps below;

  1. On your facebook page click on the group tab on the left column of your facebook page.
  2. A page will come up showing all your groups.
  3. On the top of that page you will see an option labeled discover next to groups click on it.
  4. You will find suggested groups for you in the next depending on what you like.
  5. Click on the join group tab next to the group names.

That’s how to join a Facebook group

How to Leave a Facebook Group

To leave a Facebook group, follow the steps below;

  1. On your facebook page click on groups on the left hand column of the page.
  2. Select the group you want to leave.
  3. On the group page under the cover photo click on the joined tab and then select leave group.

Follow the steps above carefully and you will leave any group with considerable ease.