I created a group on Facebook and I wish to delete to it but I don’t see any way out, well, relax and let’s dive in. Facebook group delete is the process of erasing your group details on the platform. Deleting your group on Facebook is very simple, fast and free. Removing your group from Facebook is as simple as deleting your Facebook account page. You can also decide to archive the group or make it private if privacy is what you want. To delete a group, you would need to be logged into your account.

Facebook Group Delete

Facebook Group Delete

As I said, Facebook group delete is the process of permanently removing your group from the Facebook platform. If you’re an Admin in a group, you can delete or archive it. Facebook groups are deleted if there are no members. The action is a permanent one and cannot be reversed. Archiving the group is also another great option because once a group is archived, it won’t appear in search results and won’t be shown to non- members.

How to Archive a Facebook Group

Archiving a Facebook group is very simple and also offers a great method of staying low on the platform. I will be showing to archive a group but let’s have a look at the difference and the questions people ask about archiving and deleting a Facebook group.

Here are some frequently asked questions about deleting a group on Facebook;

Will the Group appear in Search?

Well, the answer is no in the case of group deletion.  But if a group is archived, it can appear only to members.

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Is this action reversible?

The answer is No. Yes for archived groups because the action can be undone by any admin.

Can any group admin perform this action?

No. The one people permitted are the creators of the group. Yes, any admin can archive a group.

Can new members join the group?

It’s a big no. No.

Can Admins or members post, comment or upload media files?

No. No for archived groups too.

Can admins remove posts, comments and media files?

The answer is No when a group is deleted. Yes, for archived groups.

Can Admins Remove or Block People?

No, when a group a deleted. Yes, if it is archived.

Can admins edit group details including photo or description?


How to Delete a Facebook Group

Deleting a Facebook group is not really that easy and you can do that by logging in to your account first. Follow the steps below to login;

  • Open your browser and enter the Facebook official URL or launch a Facebook mobile app.
  • In the Login section, type in your phone number or email and password.
  • Tap on login.

The profile will be loaded on the profile on the device immediately if the information is right.

Delete Group from Facebook – How to Delete

On Facebook deleting a group can be a bit stressful and tiresome, so be prepared. To delete your group follow the guides below;

  • From your profile homepage, hit on Groups and from there choose the group you’d like to delete.
  • Then tap “Members” from the left corner of the page.
  • Select each member in the group and hit on the dots icon.
  • Select “Delete Member” to remove each member from the Facebook group.

Once the above process is done, the next is to remove yourself from the group too. Facebook will automatically delete the group from the platform.

How do I Archive a Facebook Group?

Archiving a group is simple an fast to do. Follow the steps below;

  • From your News Feed, tap on the Groups tab and choose the group you wish to archive.
  • Then hit on the dots below the group cover photo.
  • Select “Archive Group”.
  • Hit on “Confirm”.

The group will be archived and members will be notified if a group is archived.