Facebook Group Chat – Facebook Group Create | Facebook Group Support

Facebook Group Chat – Facebook Group Create | Facebook Group Support, I believe that everyone around facebook is using facebook for one thing or the order. Now if I may ask what is Facebook Group Post because these as been the top question that most newly facebook users are asking about on the internet. if you have been on facebook platform for long or more than two to three years, I believe that you already know what facebook group post is and how to post on facebook groups. For the sake of those who are new members of facebook, you can read more about this article while I tell you what facebook group post is.

Facebook Group Chat - Facebook Group Create | Facebook Group Support
Facebook Group Chat – Facebook Group Create | Facebook Group Support

Facebook Group Post

Facebook group post is more like a feature on the platform that allows every user to post whatever they want to post on any group that is on facebook. Every one of us here both new facebook users and old users, we normally post photos or videos on our timeline every day by day. Posting on Facebook groups is not a different thing entirely from the way you use to post photos or videos on your timeline or newsfeed. The only difference in it is that you need to access any group on your account and there is a way you can access the facebook group on your account.

I am not going to deal with that now because I will talk about it when it comes to the stage where I will tell you how you can post on facebook groups. But first you need to be a facebook user, for I know that there are people that are reading this article right now and they do not have a Facebook account yet. So, let me take you through the sign-up process and then to how you can access the groups and also post on them.

Facebook Account Set Up

Here we are, facebook account setup. The facebook account setup is the same as facebook sign up, you can sign up or set up a facebook account using two methods. These two methods are either you use the Facebook mobile app or the website. I am only going to talk about one method which is the website method but if you are using the mobile app also know that you can apply the steps for the website to one of the mobile apps, both are the same.

  • To begin, open your web browser on your device and go to www.facebook.com on it.
  • Then access the sign-up part by providing your details that are required von the page.
  • When you are done with all the boxes and you have through with providing your details.
  • The next thing to do is to click the sign-up or create a button below the page.
  • Now, you need to verify the account, a code will be sent to your inbox. Go there and copy the codes, then paste the codes on the confirmation box and click verify.

Carrying out all these steps you can successfully create or sign up to the Facebook platform.

Facebook Groups Types

If you ask me how many types of groups facebook has, my friend my answer to your question is nothing but these. I will tell you that you cannot get the total types of Facebook groups because there are so many groups on facebook. For you to confirm what I am saying now, you can carry out a search by searching for anything on facebook and then you just have to tap on the Groups tab and you will see what I am talking about.

How to Post on Facebook Groups

To post on facebook groups, you just need to log in to your Facebook account and then click on the group’s tab at the left corner of your screen. You can only post on groups that you are already a member too, you are not allowed to post on groups that you are not a member too. So, when you click on the group’s tab you will see groups that you have joined. Click to enter the group and then click “Write Something” o the group page.

You are allowed to write text or post photos or videos on any group. When you have uploaded whatever you want to post, then just scroll down and click post that is all. you can also join groups on your account by clicking the search bar on the platform. You can search for anything, after that click the group’s tab at the top of the result page and you will find all kinds of groups to join.