Facebook Gameroom Free – Facebook Gameroom Download Free | Facebook Game

Do you often play Facebook games and you wish to download them? If you do then I think it is good news for me to tell you that you can now download Facebook games. The feature or platform that makes all of these possibilities is the Facebook game download feature. The Facebook game download feature is not an app or what so ever, it is just s Facebook messenger feature that allows you to download Facebook games.

Facebook Gameroom Free - Facebook Gameroom Download Free | Facebook Game

Also on your android device, if you are using the Facebook instant games platform instead of the Facebook messenger, the Facebook game download is also available to you. However the thing is that it only works for mobile devices and not PC’s (personal computers). To use the Facebook game download, the first and fore most thin you need is a Facebook account and that is why we will be taking a sort tutorial on how to create an account below.

Create a Facebook Account

Creating a Facebook account seems pretty easy but at times it can be very difficult. In order to create a Facebook account, simply follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the official Facebook website using the official Facebook URL www.facebook.com. As an alternative, if you have the Facebook app on your device, you can easily launch the app and proceed with the steps below.
  • On the Facebook app or web, simply scroll down and click on the icon indicating that you should create a Facebook account.
  • From the web page you are redirected to, enter your personal details of which the account will have.
  • Select and add your desired username and then your contact details. Confirm your contract details and choose your profile picture or skip the step.
  • Add some friends (up to fifteen friends) and your Facebook account should be up and running.

It is that simple. Now let us begin with how to play Facebook games.

How to Play Facebook Games

Without access to playing Facebook games there is no way at all of which you can use the Facebook game download feature. There are different ways to play or access Facebook games and they are;

Using the Facebook Messenger

This method is simple, just launch the messenger app on your device and login your facebook account. Click on the “discover” icon/tab and search for the name of any game you wish to play. Click on the game and the game will start playing immediately.

Using Facebook Web

Well to do this, on the Facebook website, by the left navigation bar, click on the icon saying “instant games” and wait till you are redirected to the Facebook games home page. Search on the name of the game using the games search bar and click on it to play it.

Download Facebook Game

Now to use the Facebook game download feature, does not necessarily mean that the game will be downloaded like a normal game you download from the game store. As a matter of fact, the Facebook game download feature will only add the game to your device menu and home screen so you can access it anytime without the Facebook app. to do this, click on any Facebook game and wait for the game to load. Once the game loads a pop-up will appear asking whether to add to the home screen or not. Add it to the home screen and that is all.