Please how do I check my Facebook friends list or how can I hide my friend lists from people who am not friends with? However, you can learn more about the Facebook friends list and other features you need to be aware of. On the contrary, the Facebook friends list is actually a customizable section whereby all your friends which you add are listed for you to access. Majorly, people come to Facebook to connects and discover news people or relationships.

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How do I Create a List to Organize my Friends List on Facebook

Majorly, the Facebook friends list helps you to manage all your entire friends. However, there is a tool that allows you to custom or organize your friends. By customizing your list, you can easily specific people in different categories like co-workers, classmates, colleagues or others.

To customize your friend lists:

  • Go to
  • Then on the left side of the page click Friend Lists under the explore section.
  • Click the icon + Create List or use the provided category
  • Next in the middle of the page click “Add Friends to List”.
  • Scroll down to find friends or use the search engine to type the name of the friend.
  • Click Finish.

Keep in mind, in case you want to delete the friend list you can click the Setting icon on the list you created. From there you can click Archive, and the category you created will be deleted completely.

How do I See a List of Friends List on Facebook

The section steps mention above allow you to create and organize your friend’s list but not where you can find your friends. This section we are about to talk about is where you can actually access the category list of friends you create above.

  • Simply access your Facebook news feed.
  • Then click on your profile icon at the top of the page.
  • Click on friends below the cover picture.

There you will be redirected to the Facebook friend lists page where you can access the lists you created. Most exciting this is that you can view your friend profile page, and even access the message icon to send direct messages.

How do I Hide My Friend Lists on Facebook

Moreover, you can actually keep your Facebook friend lists people based on the fact that you don’t want some people to view or come in contact with your friends. With the Edit privacy based on who can see your friends list, you can select different options.

  • When you access the Friends List on the Facebook, click on the pencil icon below the search for your friends.
  • Click Edit privacy.
  • Then under who can see your friend list? Click the drop-down arrow.

In the section, you can select options like public, friends, friends except, specific friends, only me, or custom. It also includes people that are following you as well, you can make it private or public. Finally, once you have set the privacy of who can view your lists of friends, click Done.