Do you know the facebook free mode? Facebook does have a free mode function and unfortunately, very few people know about this. The facebook free mode is a function of Facebook where users can actually access facebook for free without data. Imagine accessing facebook and all of its features for free. I mean you do not need data before you can connect to Facebook and start chatting with your friends. Isn’t that lovely? This feature is just great if I could describe it with one word that’s the word I would use. All you need to use this feature is to be a Facebook user, wow.

Facebook Free Mode - Facebook Free Data Mode | Facebook Free Mode Settings

Importance and Advantage

Just imaging wanting to access facebook and you couldn’t just because you have run out of data. You will be sad of course. Facebook is the best social media platform in the world today. And there are lots of reasons why it is the best social media platform. It has lots of cool features and functions to keep you entertained. The only thing that used to restrict access is availability of data. But now facebook is now telling all of its users that they can now access the facebook platform for free, absolutely nothing, just free. This simply means that as a facebook user you now have unrestricted access to facebook. You can now connect with friends and family both far and near all day every day.

How to Access Facebook Using Facebook Free Mode

You do not need much to access facebook on free mode. All you need to access facebook on free mode is a facebook account. The above simply means that if you do not have a facebook account you cannot access facebook on free mode. If you want to access facebook on free mode and you do not have a facebook account, create one. To create a facebook account goes to on your device. On the facebook page click on the create new account tab. On the next page fill in the necessary information on the spaces provided and lastly click on sign up. That’s all you need to create a facebook account.

When logging in to facebook via the app or the web there is always an option to access facebook on free mode on the top of your facebook page. To access, you just have to select the free mode option and that’s it. The facebook free mode is great but it has one disadvantage. The disadvantage is this. When accessing facebook via free mode, all access to Medias like images and videos are withheld.