After the Facebook event was introduced, connectivity on the platform became a lot better for users. For that reason, there have been several ongoing events on Facebook with millions of participants. In fact, the Facebook event allows businesses, company and also individuals to hold events and watch as millions of people from all over the world take part in your event.

Facebook Event - Facebook Live Event Streaming

On the contrary, there are different types of events that you can hold on the platform that will bring you millions of participants. This feature was introduced to increase the connectivity Facebook account owners have, also making the platform more entertaining and useful to all users. Events like concerts, seminars, parties and more can be organized on Facebook.

How does an Event Page Work?

In the meantime, Facebook Event is very helpful when it comes to helping people organize their events. With the features of Facebook Event, you can send invites to people you specifically want to attend. The people you invited would be reminded about the event as the event day or time approaches. Also, you also get to see everyone who joined your event, their comments or reaction to how your event went.

However, the Facebook event has been really helpful to both the users and Facebook itself. Meanwhile, this is mainly because participating in Facebook events means that you have a Facebook account. Without a Facebook account, receiving an invite is not possible. So if you are desperate to participate in a Facebook event, you need to create an account. They have made hosting events a lot easier since you do not have to pay TV stations to stream your events and you do not need to print IVs.

How to Create an Event Page on Facebook?

However, the event page helps you advertise your events before they officially arrive. The page enables you to create a calendar for your events. Likewise, you can even share any event you want to host on the page for the followers to see. If after that you want to create your own event, follow the steps stated below:

  • Log in your Facebook account
  • Go to your page and click more
  • Click create an event  
  • Upload photos of your event; add description, date, time and location.
  • And click create

In the meantime, the following steps help you to create any kind of event. Another tool provided that can help you boost your event to reach a large audience is through the Facebook ads. Henceforth, you can use the ad tool to set up an event campaign to reach out to fans or audiences,