Facebook Emoticons is a short set of symbols that represent the expression or true feelings on a user’s once face. This is an act of using characters called Facebook Emoticons. This shows the feelings of the person sending the message. For example represent a happy face with smileys. A user can use facebook emoticons with a happy face on to express such feelings.

Facebook emoticons are used to express feelings on Facebook. This emoticon looks attractive when used on why chatting with a friend. Instead of writing a phrase, you can use facebook emoticons to express your feeling. Using facebook emoticons makes typing much easier and a user gets to write short words.

Type of Facebook Emoticons

This feature has upgraded to level by introducing stickers for Facebook chat and even comment. Unlike before we could only send emoticons in the chat window. Stickers are used like emoticons but are newly improved and it has more characters than ever before.

Stickers are an illustration of animated characters that can easily be sent to friends, loved ones and family when chatting. Now you can excite your loved ones with thousands of stickers. There are lot of stickers like cartoons, birthdays and so on.  All in various category such as.

  • Feeling.
  • Celebrating.
  • Listening to.
  • Eating.
  • Marking.
  • Traveling to.
  • Reading.
  • Drinking.
  • Playing.
  • Thinking About.

There are lots more category of Facebook Emotions. But the above listed are just a few. Users find it very interesting whenever they add a beautiful expression of their feeling on their messages and chat. This is usually symbols and icons to express the state of the user who send the message.

Most times when a user makes use of this symbol on his or her wall. The symbol easily passes the message of what he or she is doing at the moment. There are hundreds of facebook emoticons that are available for a user to make use of when typing a message. All you need to do is to click on the smiley icon below the message box in other to more icons. Most times the emoticon icon usually have an impact on the recipient. This is a way to make the recipient feel what your excretion at the moment is.

How to Sending Facebook Emoticons

These are symbols and character that can only be used when sending a message. Either on your status comment, message, or why using the chat platform or app. On the chat platform, its been refer to as sticker. But on the status, it’s been referred to as feelings. You can send this symbols or icon when you click on the smiley icon blow the box where you type a message.

Getting More Facebook Emoticons on Chat 

You can also add more stickers to your chat just click on sticker store.  And click on the plus icon at the extreme top right corner. You will see a list of additional sticker set. The list includes 1600 pandas tour, a frozen celebration, batman vs superman, candy crush and much more.

Note: sticker store is absolutely free. So why don’t you try using stickers on your chat instead of typing all the time whenever you want to send a message.  This is more fun when sending a message because there are some words you need t express than just saying it.

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