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Home REVIEWS Facebook Download on Device – How to Download Facebook on Your Device

Facebook Download on Device – How to Download Facebook on Your Device

by admin

The Facebook download on device is an app for mobile users but this app can be used on any device. So, for any mobile user to access the Facebook platform need to download the app into their devices. I am not going to be talking much because I don’t want to get you bored because too much talking makes people bored. What they want to hear from you most times is what they are looking for so I will like us to go into the main details not talking and talking.

Facebook Download on Device - How to Download Facebook on Your Device

Facebook App Download

The Facebook app can be downloaded on the following devices; Windows, Android, and iOS devices. In this article, I am not going to tell you how you can download it on Android or iOS device because will already know how to download apps on our iOS and Android device but what people don’t know that must is one of the windows. And that is what I will be telling you about.

Facebook Download for Laptop Windows 10

Do you think that you can download the Facebook app on your laptop windows 10 and below? How can you do that, where can you download it from and you know that laptops do not have play store for downloading apps? But have you notice that your windows device has a Microsoft store and if I tell you that the Microsoft store is your windows app or play store would you believe me. You will find the Microsoft store at the bottom of the taskbar of your windows or system, it looks like a Microsoft shopping bag. Click on it and you will be taken to the Microsoft store, on the page you can search for the Facebook app by clicking the search logo at the top of the store.

Then type in “Facebook” and search, you will find the Facebook and the messenger app on the result page so click on the Facebook app and then get and wait for the app to download. After downloading click on the install at the top and get the app installed before using it.


What is messenger, what is it used for and how owns it? If you know who owns messenger and what it does, you should what it is used for. Messenger is an app that is used as a chatting app for a social media name Facebook if you know these before you should know by now that you cannot use the Facebook mobile app to reply or send messages to your friends and family without using the messenger app. So, you should know that the messenger goes together with the Facebook mobile app.

And we know that we have two different Facebook mobile app which are Facebook and the Facebook lite and the messenger also has two different apps too, which are messenger and messenger lite. These two apps require the messenger app to support chatting activities and you cannot the messenger lite for the normal Facebook, the lite goes for the Facebook lite and the other one goes for the. Normal Facebook.

Messenger App

The messenger app or apps are both downloadable, you can get them from the app store on your device. And they have different colors for you to notify them when you see them. The messenger, I am not talking about the lite now which is the normal messenger. It is foiled with blue color and a little mixture of white on it. While the messenger lite which the other one has a white color and it also has a little mixture of blue on it. You can download both apps on one device, that if you have both Facebook apps.

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