What is facebook downloader? This is another wonderful article that talks about Facebook Downloader. What do you think the facebook downloader is used for or what it is capable of doing when it comes to Facebook? I have introduced this article to every one of us here who are reading this article today, that this article contains lots of amazing information that you need to get from the internet. So, let begin with what facebook downloader is in the other paragraph.

Facebook Downloader - Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Downloader

So many people are looking forward to saving videos that they saw on facebook social media platform, but the thing is that they do not know how to come about, for them to save the video. This tool cannot be used to download other videos from the internet, it can only be used to download facebook videos and facebook videos only. But use other video downloader platforms to save videos from facebook like the one of www.savefrom.net is a video downloader platform, where you can use to download facebook videos, YouTube videos and so much more. Apart from the “Savefrom.net” video downloader facebook has is own video downloader website and also an app.

Facebook Video Downloader

Know that this tool cannot be used to download or save facebook images. It can only be used to save videos. You can download as much as possible videos you want to download using this tool and it is free. No payment required and you don’t need to log in or sign up before you can make use of it. There are so many amazing features that you can see if you are using the Facebook video download online. You can switch to twitter video downloader from there by clicking on the More option at the top of the screen.

Facebook Downloader App

I have been mentioning something about this being an app. Here you will get the information about the app and where you can download the app from. The app also serves the same purpose as the website, but the website contains more than one of the app. This app is available on the app store, you can just access your device app store to download it. Search for “facebook downloader” on the search box and the result will come up on the next page, click on the app and install it.

Download Facebook Videos Online

The online form of this wonderful feature is known as www.Fbdown.net. You see the site is not well known to people yet. It is a new service of facebook and it is nice because I have been using it form some time now and it works so smooth and fast. In other to make use of the feature through the web or by the app both steps are different because you need to visit the site first.

How to Use The Facebook Downloader

Like I said, using the site is different from how to use the app to download videos that are posted on facebook.

Facebook Downloader Website

To download videos using the website, you need to visit the website by visiting www.Fbdown.net. The next thing is to login your Facebook account and look for the video you want to save or download. Right-click on the video if you are using a computer or system. Or click the three-dot icon on the video post and click “copy Link.”

Go down a bit and tap on “Copy video URL at Current Time”. Then go to the Fbdown website and paste the link on the box. Then click “download” and choose your download quality and the video starts downloading. If you are using the app. Open the app and paste the link that you have copied into the box and click download. The next step is to scroll down and click on the download icon. This is the arrow drop-down icon and then the video will start to download.