Do your friend’s list look empty or probably your friend has more than 3000 friends and you just having 500? However, you might want to look int a new feature that helps you connect to a wide number of people on Facebook. On the contrary, introducing to you is a new feature rollout worldwide across the Android and iOS devices are called the Facebook Discover People. Facebook discover people allows you to come across a wide list of profile users that share common interests with you.

Facebook Discover People - Facebook Discovery

However, the feature designed to introduce themselves and facilitate connections between people that don’t have friends, and also could be used as business networking or even to find soulmates, or dating purposes. Moreover, the Discover People help you to discover amazing content, like discover friends, events to attend, groups to join and pages to like. This discovery is actually based on people or events in which you share common internet, in like school attend, cities you live in or page or group you follow.

Facebook Discover People – How to Discover Peoples of Common Interest

There was once a time when I only have just 300 friends while over people have thrice mine. In other to move out of such predicament. You can learn more to discover people based on various features which as recent activities, suggested friends and more.  Here are the following steps

  • Go to your Facebook account
  • Then access the feature explore and click See More.
  • Next, you can scroll down and click Discover People.

There, you can see various features where you can find new people to connect with. Note this process can also be done on the Facebook mobile app. Just click the three-dash icon and click See more. Finally, you can click discover people, and also discover people on the Messenger app.

Facebook Discover People – How to Discover Events People is Going to

Not only can you discover people with the above procedure, but you can also find people from pages, groups, and even events. Hence this will be on events only, therefore, you to find people on events you might go through this following procedure.

  • Go to your News Feed, click Events in the left menu.
  • Then click Discover in the left menu.
  • Pick a Location or Select a City to enter your desired location.

Afterward, on the left side of the menu, you can then search for events through various categories and time. In case you want to discover people from the group or page, you can also use the above steps to discover more than you can imagine. 

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