Facebook Dating Not Working – Facebook Dating an Unexpected Error Occurred | Facebook Dating App

Facebook has a dating group for singles that are searching for partners. There are lots of singles group you can join and you might find your heartthrob there. If you are a registered Facebook user, you are giving the privilege to join as many groups as you want on Facebook. Online dating can be a bit frustrating, but you wouldn’t have to go through a typical dating site or platform to meet singles that are ready to mingle, once you are a Facebook user, it is very easy to come across singles on the Facebook site.

Facebook Dating Not Working - Facebook Dating an Unexpected Error Occurred | Facebook Dating App

If you want to join the Facebook group for singles you must have a Facebook account that is very real and active or you can create a new account. Joining Facebook groups are very easy and you can meet lots of people in the group. Facebook is a site for sharing and communicating, so you can share and connect with people on the group for free. Creating a new Facebook account is very easy, fast, and also free.

How to Access Singles group

Knowing about the Facebook group for singles id not enough, because to access the group you must register for a Facebook profile or sign in to the one you have created before. Follow the instructions below to register;

  • If you have the Facebook mobile application installed on your device, you can launch it or go to the Facebook official website at www.facebook.com
  • On the form displayed, fill in our first name, surname, email address or your phone number and then set up a strong passcode for the account.
  • Select the date your born and then update your gender by ticking on female or male.
  • Hit on Sign Up to register.

The account will be created, but you would be prompted to verify to verify your phone number or the email address you used for the account.

Already got an account? You can log on to your Facebook account if you already have an account. All you need are the account login details. You can use the mobile app or via the website at www.facebook.com; follow below to do so;

  • Enter the account email address or phone number and the password.
  • Then hit on Log in.

The account will be displayed on the device that you are using if the log in details is correct. You can reset the password if you’ve lost it.

How to Join Singles Group

There are many singles group you can join on Facebook with ease. Most groups are closed and some are public. Follow the steps below to join;

  • Go to your Facebook homepage.
  • Hit on Groups, then Discover or you can use the search box to enter the name of the group you want to join.
  • On the groups displayed, once you find the group you want to join tap on it.

Note: most groups on Facebook will require you to answer some questions before letting you join the group