The giant social media networking platform has taken a step forward today by announcing entering the online dating service known as Facebook Dating. On the contrary, rumors state that over 150 million people are listed as singles on Facebook. The innovation of Facebook Dating Free Online Dating creates a perfect match for uses through the profile created by users. The Facebook dating feature will apparently connect users based on the fact that there share common interests or mutual friends and not what they’re already connected to on Facebook.

Facebook Dating Free Online Dating - How Facebook Dating Works | Facebook Free Online Dating Sites
Facebook Dating Free Online Dating – How Facebook Dating Works | Facebook Free Online Dating Sites

Unlike other types of online dating services, Facebook dating features help single men and women to find their perfect match. Whereby it suggests matches according to the type of interest you stated on your profile. First and foremost, online dating services allow you to create your own dating profile aside from your Facebook profile account. But links you up with groups you joined or events you’re attending so that you can see people who like what you like. That is one of the features of the Facebook dating service and you can see others below.

Overviews Features of the Facebook Online Dating Service

First of all, Facebook dating is a free dating service that is within the Facebook main app rather than a standalone app i.e. it doesn’t have a separate app. The features allow you to create a separate dating profile that is separate from your Facebook account profile. With your dating profile, it enables you to indicate interest with another profile whereby lets you connect with each other through messaging.

Considering the aspect of allowing you to meet new people the Facebook dating features ensured that users wouldn’t be matched with their friends on Facebook but with friends who had things in common and mutual friends. The dating features is available on the mobile phone such as the iOS and the Android device which differs from the modern dating app.

How to Join the Facebook Online Dating Service

In addition to the Facebook dating feature provide a search filter based on location, number of children, religion, height, age, and can also hook up with people within a 100km range. To join the dating service, you must be at least above the age of 18+ in selected markets. However, Facebook dating is currently available in regions such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Colombia, Thailand, and Australia.

To join you don’t need to download a new app, all you need is to ensure your Facebook mobile app is updated. Access the Dating service on the Facebook menu and get started with the service to meet your soulmate.