The white background on Facebook messenger is not something new to most of us. But, have it ever crossed your mind to check if you can change the background or make it look different. If you have not, and you want to try out a new background then consider Facebook dark mode 2022. This theme is not very popular among Facebook account owners which makes it more awesome. Most people make use of the regular theme, but why not make your theme look nice and unique. Using this theme someone might even think you are using a different social media platform.

Facebook Dark Mode 2022 - How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook | Dark Mode Facebook App

One thing about the Facebook dark mode is that it is not available to all messenger versions. So, if you want the theme, you would need to upgrade to the current version, plus it would even benefit you more to use a better version of messenger. But, if you are making use of the current version and have no idea how to switch to Facebook dark mode 2022 do not worry. The feature is just like a hidden feature on Facebook.

Turn on Facebook Dark Mode 2022

The dark mode theme is an OLED black theme, it looks more real, plus it is very beautiful. To get this theme, you must be making use of a messenger with version or above. So if you still dwell in an older version, it is about time you make using Facebook messenger better for yourself by upgrading. Steps on how to switch to Facebook dark mode are stated below:

  • login your Facebook messenger
  • Click your profile located at the top of the page
  • There you would locate settings, and form there you can easily switch your Facebook regular mode to Facebook dark mode 2022.

This theme will even help you in reducing the rate at which your battery is consumed. With what is stated above, switching from the regular theme to the dark mode would not be a problem.