Do you know that some times ago Facebook had some misinformation in responding to negative publicity? This was due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the fake news of the 2016 epidemic which left 30 percent of users to opt-out of the platform. But today Facebook has developed a new quick response to emergency safety check on Facebook which is known as Facebook Crisis Response or the Facebook Safety Check. Learn more about the Facebook crisis response in this article.

Facebook Crisis and Response Center - Disaster and Crisis on Facebook | Facebook Crisis Response

On the contrary, the Facebook Crisis Response which is also sometimes regarded as Facebook Safety Check is apparently a new center on Facebook which allows people to make safe during natural or man-made disasters or terror-related incidents within the affected geographical area. The features also give information about recent crises and make use of the crisis response tools which includes safety check, community help, and fundraisers in other to support crisis recovery. The Facebook crisis response center consists of public posts, news articles, photos and videos so as to give people more inform of crises.

Facebook Crisis Response – How to Find Crisis Response and Mark yourself Safe

Mainly people all over the world make use of this feature to support and connect with people in a crisis. With this, you can quickly notify or reassure friends and family that you are safe in the location you’re where the disaster is occurring by marking yourself safe.

  • Go to Crisis Responses on the mobile app menu or the site news feed on Facebook.
  • Then select a Crisis page and on the page, you will come across friends who are marked safe.

In addition, you can also see a list of your friends who chose Doesn’t Apply. Hence make enquire for a friend by using their name. Note that you’re only entitled to ask people that are your friends on Facebook if they’re safe. Then you can click Ask if Safe next to the person’s name.

Facebook Crisis Response – How to Use Crisis Response to Find Help on Facebook

Just as I mentioned above, you can also make use of the crisis response to get help with the use of your community with things such as transportation, food or medical supplies. In other to find helps you can make use of these following steps:

  • Access the crisis respond page and click find help.
  • Then you can scroll through the various option to select the type of help you need
  • In case you wouldn’t find the help center or page you can click create post.

Above all. You can learn more about the various help offers and how to ask. Also, you can view through various existing post or browse the map view to know what particular help people are rendering in that location.