Facebook has social media networking services is more of a place where people interact with each other based on the aspect i.e. it can be an interaction through posted content or the normal ways of communication the friends. On the contrary, Facebook allows users to interact with a posted content like video, pictures or status update from various sources like from the Facebook group, page, and friends. Through the use of a fairly simple comment known as Facebook Comments.

Facebook Comments - Facebook Comments Plugin

However, Facebook comments allow you to make quick responses to various post whereby expressing what you feel about the content posted. This enables friends to access the common icon and make a quick expression on status updates, photos, links and more. Note that Facebook Comments comes in different from which can be as a normal comment icon on Facebook or as a comment plugin to various websites. Therefore, in this article, we will delight on how to make a comment on Facebook and also to integrate Facebook comment on your website.

Facebook Comments – How to Comment on Posts you see on Facebook

The only way you can comment on a post is when a content is been uploaded on your account. In other to view the comment button you can access the following steps to comment on something.

  • First of all, access the posted content you want to comment on either pictures, video, or status update.
  • Click Comment below the post or in the white box that says Write a comment.
  • You can type your comment on the box or makes use of other ways to comment:
  • Click to comment with a gif.
  • Click to comment with an emoji.
  • Click to attach a photo or video.
  • Click to post a sticker.

Therefore, after you must have made your comment on pots you can finally click enter or return to publish your comment. In addition, you can mention people on your comment by typing the name of the people in capital letters and also delete or edit your comment.

Facebook Comments – How to Add Comments Plugin on Website

Basically, the comments plugin allows people to also comment directly from your site with their Facebook account. This also enables people to spread their comment activity with friends and friends of their friends on Facebook. Moreover, the comments plugin features a built-in moderation tool and also a social relevance ranking.

  • Visit developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments/
  • Choose URL or Page you want to integrate with the Comment plugin
  • Next, you need to copy and paste the URL into the code configurator. You can adjust the width of your comment on the adjust setting 
  • Then copy and paste the code snippet into the HTML of your website or webpage on where you want to set up the comments.

Furthermore, you can follow the images display on the link to implement the Facebook comments. Once you are have completed the set-up, anyone who accesses your site can make comment.