Facebook co – South Africa Government

Accessing Facebook in most countries of the world are different. Although most of the countries use the popularly known URL which www.facebook.com, but in South Africa, it is different. South Africa makes use of Facebook even more than you know it, and accessing the Facebook website in South Africa is with a different URL entirely. Instead of www.facebook.com, you make use of www.facebook.co.za instead. And in this article, I will be explaining to you how to access Facebook in south Africa using facebook.co.za.

On the contrary, most of the countries where Facebook is located has a separate URL in which people can easily use to get connected with people around the world. The URL mention above is directed to the South African, this means it’s only used by South Africa. Should in case you’re from that part of the country when you access or use the URL, you will notice that it will take you to the official website or the URL linked to your country.

Facebook.co.za/How to Sign Up

To create a new Facebook account in South Africa is not very hard or complicated. Just follow the steps I will be laying down for you below:

  • To sign up first open your web browser and then on the URL bar, type in facebook.co.za
  • Once the page opens, click sign up.
  • On the new page, some information would be required from you. they include your name, email address, date of birth, mobile number, institution and so on.
  • Enter the information correctly. But when it comes to mobile number or email, then you will have to choose one of them. By choosing I mean the one you will use for verification.
  • Then enter your password. use a password you can remember.
  • You would be required to verify or confirm your account using the code sent to you either through your email or mobile number.
  • Use the code to confirm your account by entering the code in the required box.

With that, you have successfully created a Facebook account in South Africa. with that set and ready, all you need is to log in to your account and work on your profile. Your profile includes a profile picture, profile cover, and some other information about yourself. Using your own name and photo for your account is the best idea because it makes your account easily accessible. And by accessible, I mean for your friends to easily locate you on the platform.

How to Sign in

 Signing in is also easy. Just open the website and then click sign in. enter the necessary information require and then click sign in. the information required is either your email or phone number and your password and that it.

After signing in your Facebook account, for easy access to Facebook, the best advice is to download the app. With the app, you do not have to go through opening your web browser and entering the URL. just tap the app and your account would open. You can also download the app from Google play store and apple store for free.