Facebook Changes Name to Meta: Facebook as a well-known platform for chatting, posting, promoting businesses, has now changed its name to the Metaverse platform. This great change has caused uproar everywhere because the change came up suddenly and unexpectedly. As it is said Facebook is not the first to change its name, because as its ambitions expand they get to change its name and has been laying the groundwork for a new name change for the next generation of technology and will also be employing over 10,000 employees to work in the new place which is in Europe.

Facebook Changes Name to Meta - Why Facebook Change Name to Meta | Facebook Meta App

The new name Metaverse as Zuckerberg said is going to be a new focus and a big part of the mobile internet. For people to use this metaverse they need to wear a VR headset or augmented reality glasses for them to do things such as a virtual concert, take a trip online, create artwork, and buy digital clothing. These metaverse experiences are beyond your phone which your body will be fully engaged in the metaverse.

Vision for the meterverse

Zuckerberg has made us know and has stated the vision of the metaverse that this metaverse is the next-in-line to mobile internet which lets you do things from the physical world. The visions of the metaverse are listed below;

  • Horizon home
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Calls on messenger through VR
  • The future of work
  • Presence platform
  • Project Cambria
  • Educational investment

These are the feature are the thing that is to be done after the metaverse is fully legalized and to also find communities and grow business. It will also change the way people connect apps like messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

However, you can find out more detail about the name change of Facebook to Meta. Simply, click on the click here to access to Facebook newsroom, and you can also see the Founder letter to know what Mark Zuckerberg has to say about the name change.