Facebook camera, it sounds surprising right. The reason why it is surprising to you is that you don’t take your time to study the facebook platform. You will want to know or ask if facebook has a camera, yes! The answer is yes, Facebook has a camera. This camera is not found on facebook web, the only way you can see it on the facebook web is when you are chatting with someone. This feature can be found on the home page or news feed page of facebook if you are making use of the Facebook mobile app on Android or iOS devices. If you know that you have not to notice this feature, after going through this review about it you should try as much to access it, in other to understand what it is all about.

Facebook Camera - Facebook Camera Live

Facebook Camera Live

Still on the camera dissuasion, but here I include live to it. Live here, is something that takes place immediately. You can be using the camera on facebook and you will be able to see yourself, how you look and all. This camera of a thing can also be used as a video camera also, you can turn it to the video mode when clicking on the switch button on it. It can be switched to selfie mode; it can also be turned to live video mode. You can add songs to your camera or video mode, by clicking on the music button at the right-hand side of the camera. There are lots of amazing emojis that you can add to your camera while using it.

Facebook Camera App

Now that we now know what this is all about, while not let us see if it has an app. To be honest to you, when I first came across this particular part of the article, I ask myself if facebook has an app for the camera. Not until I think about it, due to my research about the camera app of facebook is not yet available but there is an app for it that is the in-built app. The in-built camera app inside the platform. You see the reason for you to through the article and to understand it more. The app for the camera on facebook is right inside the platform.

How to Use

This is a very wise question to ask, how to use the camera. First, you log into your facebook account on facebook mobile app and you will see the camera icon at the top of your newsfeed or home page. Click on it and you can start using it and you can include all the features that I listed in the article above. You can also use the facebook pc or system app to access the camera on Facebook.

Facebook Account

In this kind of situation, everything that has to do with facebook requires an account is not that you will create another account to access this feature. The account I am talking of is the facebook account, for those that do not have an account on facebook before you have to set up an account on facebook before you can access the camera. You just have to open your facebook mobile app and fill in the boxes on the sign-up page. If you choose to create your account using the web you have to visit www.facebook.com and follow the steps on the screen.