Facebook Buy and Sell Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace Not Working | Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Buy and Sell Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace Not Working | Facebook Marketplace, Do you want to buy or sell on the Facebook platform? Do you know that there are groups you can join on the platform to buy or sell? There are thousands of Facebook buy or sell groups for anybody to join and connect with other marketers to trade or purchase. Facebook buy or sell groups are free to join and use for your business, but you can only have to the groups if you have a Facebook account profile. You can simply create a new Facebook account if you do not have any.

Facebook Buy and Sell Marketplace - Facebook Marketplace Not Working | Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the largest and most popular social network media where registered users can share, connect and communicate with friends and family. On the platform, you can watch awesome video clips on your newsfeed or a friend’s timeline. It is a multi-tasking platform; you can play fun and addictive games for free with friends or alone. You can join groups such as buy or sell groups. You can get the Facebook mobile app for free on the app store of the device that you are using. It is a user-friendly site for anyone to use.

Accessing Facebook Groups

To have access to Facebook buy or sell groups you must have a Facebook account profile logged in on your device or you can simply sign up for a new account via the mobile apk or website. Follow the guides below to sign up for Facebook;

  • Launch the Facebook mobile apk if you have it installed on your device or access your browser and go to www.facebook.com
  • Type in the details for the account, start with your first name, surname.
  • Select your date of birth on the options.
  • Type in your phone number or email address for the account.
  • Select the gender you are and create a password for the account.
  • Hit on Sign up to load.

The account will be created and Facebook will send you a confirmation. It could be an email or a text which you would use in verifying the account details.

Logging in to Facebook

You can simply log in to your account profile if you already have one on the platform. Follow the guides below to do so;

  • Launch the mobile apk or head to the website at www.facebook.com
  • Enter the account login details, email address or mobile number and password.
  • Hit on Log in to load the profile.

The account will be loaded on the device if the details are right.

How to Join a Buy or Sell group

Joining Facebook Buy or Sell groups is quite easy. To join follow the guides below;

  • Sign in to your Facebook home page and hit on the Groups icon.
  • From the groups that will appear, scroll through to locate the one you want or make use of the search box to type in the buy or sell group you want.
  • Hit on the one you want to join once the groups are loaded.
  • Tap on Join Group to send the request, answer the questions

You would be notified if you have been accepted into a group. You can access the group from your notification board.

How to Buy or Sell on Facebook

You can easily buy or sell an item or product on Facebook groups. There are so many people who want the items you sell on the Facebook platform. Follow the instructions below to sell:

  • Head on to your Groups tab; choose the buy or sell group you want to make a post on.
  • Once the group is loaded, click on the field that says “Sell Something” and type in the name of the goods that you are selling, add the price for the goods, Provide pick up or delivery instructions and add a little description of the goods and hit on Post to publish the item.

Your item will be made public for others to see and interact with you once it has been approved by the group admins in most groups.

Making a purchase of an item or product on Facebook is very easy. All you to do is to locate the group you want to buy a product from, scroll through the items there to find the item you want and tap on it once found. Post a comment on the item through the comment box and interact with the seller of the item.