Do you know that you can buy cars or sell a car you are no longer on Facebook through groups? You can also list your car for sale on the Facebook Marketplace app if it’s available in your community. You can join Facebook buy and sell cars groups on the platform to post and interact with interested buyers. Read on to find out how you can list or post your car for sale on the Facebook marketplace and also how you can join groups to post or buy cars. But first, let’s know what Facebook is.

Facebook Buy and Sell Cars - Facebook Marketplace | Marketplace Buy and Sell

Facebook is the largest social media networking for sharing, connecting, and communicating with friends, family, and colleagues with a registered accounts. The platform is a multi-tasking site where you can communicate, play awesome games, and watch funny video clips for free on your newsfeed or someone’s timeline. It is a user-friendly site that can be used by anybody both the less technical-minded people in society. Signing up for an account is easy, free, and will always be free. You can install the mobile app from the app store for free.

Accessing Buy and Sell Cars Group

To be able to have access to join Facebook buy and sell cars group, you must have a Facebook account that is logged in or simply create a new one if you do not have any. Follow the simple instructions below to sign up for an account;

  • If you have the Facebook mobile app installed on your device, launch the app or access your browser and go to
  • Type in a name for the account; your first name, surname and then Next.
  •  Select your birthday from the options on the page.
  • Enter your mobile phone number or the email address you would like to use for the account.
  • Tick on your gender (female or male) and then create a password for the account.
  • Tap on Sign up to create.

The account will be created and loaded on the device. Facebook will then send you a confirmation mail or text to use in verifying the account.

Logging in to Facebook profile

You can simply log in to your profile on the platform if you already have an account. Follow the guides below;

  • Launch the mobile app or access your browser and go to
  • Type the email address or phone number and password for the account.
  • Tap on the login tab to load the profile.

The account will be loaded if the information provided on the text field is right. You can reset the account password if you’ve lost it by tapping on “Forgot Password”.

How to Post a Car to Facebook Group

You can post the car you want to sell on the Facebook buy and sell cars group easily by joining the group you would like to post to or select from the groups you already have on your account. follow the guides below;

  • Select the buy and sell group you want from the ones on your account.
  • Hit on “What are you selling”.
  • Type in the details of the car including the price, payment method, location and delivery method on the provided fields.
  • Hit on Post to upload.

The item will be posted immediately on the group.

How to List a Car for Sale on Marketplace

You can make use of your device to list the car you want to sell on the marketplace. Below is how you can list your car for sale on the marketplace;

  • Tap on the Marketplace icon your page.
  • Tap on the camera and hit on vehicles for sale.
  • Choose photos of the car you want to upload and tap on Next.
  • Fill in the details such as year, make, and model and the mileage and then select Automatic or Manual transmission. Hit on Next.
  • Add a description of the car.
  • Type in the price for the car and tap on Next.
  • Select the place you want to post your listing like your profile or buy and sell groups on Facebook.
  • Tap on Post when finished to upload.

The car will be posted to the Facebook marketplace app and you would get notifications if having likes or positive comments on the item you’ve listed.