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Facebook Business Page Setup – Facebook Business

by admin

Creating a Facebook business page is one thing that is common these days. However, setting it up seems to be a problem as most people don’t know how to begin. Currently, as Facebook would have it, you can now set up your Facebook business page via the Facebook feature Facebook business page setup. The Facebook business page setup feature is a very simple and easy to use feature. The bottom fact, however, is that you need a Facebook account no matter what as long as you want to use the Facebook platform.

Facebook Business Page Setup - Facebook Business

If you have a Facebook account then there is no need for you to experience the stress of cresting on because you can easily login and continue from where ever you stop. Furthermore you need a Facebook account if you wish to improve or take your business to the next level. What I mean by this is that if you have a Facebook account, you can easily advertise your business to millions of people who use the Facebook platform.

Creating a Facebook Account

A Facebook account is very easy for you to create and like I told you it is very essential if you wish to use the Facebook business page setup feature. To create a Facebook account;

  • Visit the official Facebook website with the URL
  • When on the Facebook website, log out of every account logged in and go straight to the homepage.
  • Now click on the icon you find indicating you should create a new account.
  • Next up, you will be redirected to a form page. From the form page, simply enter all the details as you re asked into the required boxes and click on “next” or “continue” depending on your device.
  • Provide your contact details as you are asked and confirm it. You will be asked to confirm your contact details by completing a challenge of wish will include any of the contact details you provide.

The moment your contact details are confirmed, you will be instantly logged in to your new Facebook account and be on your account newsfeed.

Create a Facebook Business Page

If you want to setup your Facebook business page (Facebook business page setup), you need to have a Facebook business page first. To create a business page on Facebook;

  • Login your Facebook account at the official Facebook website
  • Click on the menu icon or drop down arrow. It all depends on your device.
  • From the dropdown or menu display, click on the “create page” tab.
  • From the new webpage, click on “get started” from the business or brand dialog section.
  • Add your page name and then a category and provide the information required afterwards to complete the page creation.

Now that you have your Facebook business page, you can use the Facebook business page setup feature.

Setup your Facebook Business Page – Facebook Business Page Setup

Setting up a Facebook business page (using the Facebook business page setup feature) is very easy. First of all;

  • Go to the home page (admin tour page) of the business page you want to setup.
  • Next up, click on the settings tab by the top right side of the screen. Although if you are using a mobile device you might not find this icon there.

Now click on the tab of which you want to set customize it to the way you want. However, you should note that some changes made will not take place until after a day or you refresh the page.

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