What is the Facebook blueprint? Some people might just be hearing about this forte first time. While there are those persons that have known about this for some time now. These persons that know about this very function and feature are those that have made use of the Facebook business and marketing tool before. Facebook is a great platform when it comes to business marketing. But when making use of Facebook for marketing you have to know what it is all about, else you won’t get the full benefits of the Facebook marketing and business platform. This is where the facebook blueprint comes in.

Facebook Blueprint - Facebook Blueprint Training | Facebook Blueprint Certificate
Facebook Blueprint – Facebook Blueprint Training | Facebook Blueprint Certificate

What Is the Facebook Blueprint?

The facebook blueprint platform is a straight forward one. It is a global certification and training program meant for marketers and businesses about marketing on both facebook and instagram, since instagram is owned by facebook. This is more like an eLearning system. By eLearning system I mean online or internet learning system. With this platform you choose from a wide and rich range of topics to learn from. You can also select various learning paths that coordinate with your business goals. Although there are terms and conditions to be met with before you can make use or sign up with facebook blueprint. It’s not much though, all you need is a facebook account.

Ways to Learn With Blueprint

There are three major ways with which user s can learn with facebook blueprint and they are listed below;

Blueprint live

This is an in-person training program. It teaches you in general on how to implement Instagram and facebook advertising principles and integrating them into your marketing plans.

Blueprint e-learning

You already know this is a type of online education system or program that teaches  the very best practices for facebook advertising and instagram advertising.

Blueprint certification

This certification is a program that measures the understanding of your facebook advertising products and services. To earn facebook blueprint certification you need to pass two very necessary exams.

Facebook Blueprint Languages

With the facebook blueprint language is never a barrier. The facebook blueprint courses are available in nine different languages. These languages are listed below;

  1. Japanese
  2. English
  3. Spanish
  4. German
  5. Korean
  6. Portuguese
  7. Simplified Chinese
  8. Indonesian
  9. And French.

To take a course in any of the available languages, you can edit your profile and change to your preferred language option.