There are a lot of ways in which different companies can advertise on Facebook today. But most times a company might need a professional. And they will have a lot of candidates to choose from. When searching for a marketer they’ll search for someone who has a Facebook blueprint certification. The Facebook blueprint certification is a good way for marketers to stand out from other experts in their field. It allows marketers to demonstrate their expertise in advertising all of Facebook’s products. Which includes Facebook, Instagram, and messenger. Facebook blueprint certification is a global training and certification program about marketing on Facebook. And also on Instagram. It shows you how to navigate the in and out of Facebook advertising. It’s the social media giant ads platform training.

Facebook Blueprint Certification - Facebook Blueprint Certification Free | Facebook Blueprint

Facebook blueprint certification is the only certification that is officially recognized by Facebook. It’s the most advanced level in the blueprint program. It is designed to test your Facebook marketing expertise through rigorous exams. With Facebook blueprint certification you can establish your Facebook marketing expertise. Put your skills to test and also earn verified credentials. Facebook blueprint certification does not only tell you that you have achieved a certain level of knowledge over Facebook advertising. But it also let other people know that you have an advanced skill set. And that you can also help them achieve their marketing goals.

 How Do I Get Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook blueprint certification is given to you only after you’ve passed an official test of knowledge that will confirm your professional marketing skills and help you stand out from other marketers. This certification is of two types. You can choose one of the two.

  • Facebook certified planning professional and
  • Facebook certified buying professional.

How to Prepare

To prepare you can pass free eLearning courses. To search for the courses, go to the facebook page for marketing your business and click “learn” in the top menu, after you’ve clicked on learn, then click on the tab, “start courses” on the new page. Note that each one of the facebook blueprint certification exam is made up of two multiple choice exam. If you are a professional in planning facebook advertising campaigns, you’ll have to take the facebook certified planning profession course. And for you to get certified on this course, you have to pass two exams which are;

  • 310 – 101: Facebook advertising core competencies.
  • 322 – 101: Facebook certified planning profession.       

If you want to confirm your knowledge in creating and buying advertising, then you should take the facebook certified buying professional course which are;

  • 310 – 101: Facebook advertising core competencies.
  • 321 – 101: Facebook certified buying professional.         


For the exams, you will have 75 minutes to complete the exam, which includes 50 to 60 questions. The highest score is 1000 points, while the minimum passing score is 7000 points. You can take the exam at a procured location or online at home with a secured browser. When you pass a blueprint certification exam you get a digital badge of achievement that you can share as part of your professional identity on social media and websites. The badge you’ll get is not just a decoration or an image, but it includes information you need to know about your certification, like the issue date and specific status tested and also it can be verified online.