Facebook apps store is tricky to me sometimes. Most people think of it as the Facebook apps available for download but the Facebook apps store is really different from that. The official Facebook apps store is the Facebook game room. This Gameroom allows you to download games from the Facebook platform on your device which is what every app store does.

Facebook Apps Store - Facebook App Open | Download the App Store for Facebook
Facebook Apps Store – Facebook App Open | Download the App Store for Facebook

Facebook Apps Store

In this article, you are going to learn how you can download the Facebook apps store on your device and how to download games from the store using your device. Like the Google play store, you would have to sign in to the Facebook apps store before you can download any game from it. It syncs your game data to your Facebook account so you can continue your game wherever you are by just logging in.  there are tons of games you can download from the Facebook platform using the Gameroom app. Without the Gameroom app installed on your device, you would be totally unable to play any of these games. You should also know that whenever you log in to the Facebook Gameroom app, all your synced data would be restored almost instantly.

Facebook Gameroom App

Like I said before, a lot of people get this wrong on the internet today. The Facebook Gameroom app is the official app store for Facebook. Shortly, I would be showing you how you can download this amazing app store on your device and begin to enjoy your gaming experience.

Download the App Store for Facebook

Like I said before, this process is just like downloading the Facebook Gameroom app on your device. If you already have the Facebook Gameroom app, you can skip this step. You can download the Facebook Gameroom app from the Google play store if you are using and android device and from the app store if you are using an iOS device. Follow the steps below to download the Facebook app store on your PC.

  • Open the Facebook website on the web at www.facebook.com.
  • When the site loads, log in with your existing Facebook account details or quickly create one.
  • On the news feed of your Facebook account, find the “Games” tab on the left sidebar and click on it to open it.
  • Click on the big blue “Download Gameroom” box on the lower top navigation.

Follow the procedure to complete the downloading process of your Facebook app store.

Log in to the Facebook App Store

After downloading the app, you have to log in before you would be given full access to download the app. This is where you would need a Facebook account. Log in with your Facebook account details and you should be done.